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ntf oct 2014

No-Till Farmer, October 2014

• No-Till, Rotations And Covers Manage Excess Moisture

• Innovative Equipment At The 2014 Farm Progress Show

• Highboy Seeds Covers, Dry Fertilizer In One Pass

• Recipe For 300 Bushels In Irrigated Strip-Till

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Finding Your ‘ROI’ With
Cover Crops In No-Till Systems

Cover-crop expert Dave Robison is working to generate some hard numbers to quantify the much-touted benefits of individual covers and cover-crop mixes on no-till operations.


TIMELY TESTING. SoilSCAN 360, a mobile soil-testing unit which retails for about $6,500 — provides a 5-minute analysis of soil nutrients, including in-field nitrate readings and customized variable-rate prescriptions for nitrogen, water, phosphorus and ammonia. - See more at:

Writing A New Prescription
For Higher Corn Yields

360 Yield Center seeks to push corn yields consistently to 300 bushels per acre, and beyond, through better management and application of water and nitrogen.




JD 1770 NT Planter Adaptations:
Switching To Hydraulic Down Pressure

AJ Adkins of NTM Ag Equipment discusses the reason behind switching from pneumatic down pressure to a hydraulic system for Mike Starkey’s John Deere 1770 NT planter.

More From AJ Adkins >>

Best Management System (Feat. McCutchenville, Ohio, No-Tiller Bret Margraf)

Watch Now >>

Conservation Cropping With Mike Werling: Never-Till, Cover Crops And Drainage

Watch Now >>

Perfecting The Fertilizer Program

Watch Now >>

Farmer's Forum

Taking Another Stab At Strip-Till

A Michigan grower is ready to try strip-till again. He has some questions and concerns about potential challenges before he gets started. Can you offer him some feedback? 


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