How Fast Can You Really No-Till?
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How Fast Can You Really No-Till?

When planting season arrives, time is money — and it’s clearer than ever that no-tillers and strip-tillers are facing a tightening window to get their crops in before yield potential is lost.

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National No-Tillage Conference

2015 National No-Tillage Conference

Pushing No-Till Beyond Barriers

The 24th annual National No-Tillage Conference is headed to Indianapolis, January 6-9, 2016. Participate in special workshops, no-till classrooms, small-group roundtables and general sesions led world-renown no-till experts. Get ready to take home dozes of field-tested, proven no-till tips and ideas you can put to use immediately! Register online today!

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  • John Dobberstein 2

    Writing Is On the Wall

    The latest round of taxpayer funds aimed at the declining Ogallala Aquifer shows why no-tilling, cover crops, precision irrigation and prescription grazing will be extremely important tools for farmers in the years ahead.
  • Laura Allen

    Word of Caution on Using Corn Stalk Nitrate Tests

    If you’ve been relying on the corn stalk nitrate test (CSNT) to evaluate and adjust your nitrogen (N) program, you may want to think again, one recent study suggests.
  • John Dobberstein

    More Than What Meets Eye

    Cover crop adoption has been a little slower in parts of the Great Plains, possibly more over fear of the unknown than actual poor outcomes seen by growers. But researchers reviewing decades of cover-crop studies say there are plenty of benefits to covers, whether you farm in the warm southern Plains or cooler prairies of western Canada.
  • Laura Allen

    No-Till Beats Out Conventional Tillage Under Excessive Moisture

    It’s well known that the ability of no-tilled soils to retain more moisture can pay off in drought years, but the practice can also beat out conventional tillage when there’s too much water.
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No-Till Innovators

Winning individuals or organizations for the 20th class of No-Till Innovators will be announced in January 2016 at the 24th annual National No-Tillage Conference.


Responsible Nutrient Practitioners Program

Nominations are now being accepted for the eighth class of Responsible Nutrient Management Practitioners to be honored at the 24th annual National No-Tillage Conference in January 2016.

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