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No-Till 101 JourneyThe "My No-Till Journey" blog is where farmers who are newer to no-till practices share how they tackle challenges and push to succeed. Throughout the next year, Kalispell, Mont., grower Doug Manning shares his journey to implementing no-till on his farm, where he raises wheat, barley, peas and canola. Feel free to leave comments, or tips about succeeding with no-till, at the conclusion of each post.

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ntf jan 2015

No-Till Farmer, January 2015

• Breaking a No-Till Plateau with Livestock, Wheat, Covers
• Attracting Earthworms, Building Populations
• Pushing Soybean Yields Higher with Nitrogen
• No-Till, Cover Crops, CRP Improve Tough Soils

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A University of Illinois graduate student measures and cuts duplicate hand-pulled soil cores into sections for transport to a laboratory to determine soil organic carbon (SOC) stock in this plot. A team led by university of Illinois researcher Ken Olson says even no-till systems can lose SOC in lower soil depths, but cover crops can help reverse the trend.Cover Crops Key To Storing
More Soil Organic Carbon

No-till practices alone may not sequester as much organic carbon in soil profiles as previously thought, but seeding cover crops could help rebuild it, says University of Illinois researcher Ken Olson.




Breaking The No-Till Yield Barrier in Manitoba

Ryan Nevin raises 4,700 acres of spring and winter wheat, oats, peas and canola near Rapid City, Manitoba. Nevin, who’s also been experimenting with millet and soybeans, has been no-tilling since his father turned to the practice in the late 1980s.

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JD 1770 NT Planter Adaptations: Switching To Hydraulic Down Pressure

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Best Management System (Feat. McCutchenville, Ohio, No-Tiller Bret Margraf)

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Conservation Cropping With Mike Werling: Never-Till, Cover Crops And Drainage

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A grower is looking to use a dry fertilizer coulter instead of a knife to improve trash flow. What would you recommend? 


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