January 6-9, 2016 • INDIANAPOLIS, IN

24thannual National No-tillage Conference

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2015 Conference Review

23rd Annual National No-Till Conference

Building Better No-Till Practices

More than 100 cutting-edge, money-making sessions over 4 days, delivering insightful learning and unlimited networking with the best of the no-till community.

Top Experts. Worldwide Experience.

  • David Brandt

    Keynote Speaker

    40+ years of continuous no-till farming in Carroll, OH.

  • Jill Clapperton

    Rhizosphere Ecologist

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lethbridge Research Centre, Alberta, Canada

  • David Hula

    No-Till Farmer

    2013 No-Till/Strip Till Corn-yield world record holder, Charles City, VA.

  • Franke Dijkstra

    No-Till Farmer

    40+ years of wheat, corn, soybean and edible bean no-till farming in Ponta Grossa, Brazil.

Valuable tips, ideas and techniques from:

  • Jim Hoorman, Soils Specialist, Ohio State University
    Will examine how farmers can reduce soil phosphorus losses in a no-till system.
  • Saeed Khan, Fertility Specialist, University of Illinois
    Will share how potassium has been overlooked and can be more effectively used.
  • Christian Krupke, Entomologist, Purdue University
    Will review new strategies for western corn rootworm control and management.
  • John Tooker, Entomologist, Penn State University
    Will address myths about slugs and how no-tillers can be manage them.
  • Scott Shearer, Precision Expert, Ohio State University
    Will look at the future of precision technologies and how to work with "big data."
  • Bryan Jorgensen, No-Tiller, Ideal, SD
    Will explain why diversity has improved the sustainability and performance of his farm ground.
  • Steve Berger, No-Tiller, Wellman, IA
    Will describe how long-term no-till, hog manure and cover crops are building highly productive soils.
  • Ken Olson, Soil Scientist, University of Illinois
    Will help you better understand soil organic carbon sequestration in tillage systems.

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Continuing Education Credits:

The 2015 Conference received approval of 42.0 hours of Certified Crop Advisor credits for attendees of the 2015 National No-Tillage Conference. See complete credits list. The following states approved pesticide re-certification credits: Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

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