Thanks to our Title Sponsors for their support of the 2021 Virtual National No-Tillage Conference. Learn more about them below.

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2022 National No-Tillage Conference Title Sponsors:


Ag Leader Technology


Video: Ag Leader at the 2020 national no-tillage conference

Ag Leader Technology, Inc. is a recognized technology innovator of precision agriculture hardware and software. Located in Ames, Iowa, USA, the company manufactures and markets industry leading precision farming technology designed to help growers make smart, profitable business decisions. Founded in 1992, the company has achieved consistent growth and expansion by providing value-based products that help growers and agricultural professionals achieve and maintain a successful, profitable operation. For more information, visit www.agleader.com.


Montag Manufacturing


Video: Montag Mfg. at the 2020 national no-tillage conference

At Montag Mfg., we specialize in fertilizer equipment. Our complete fertilizer application system will help you start reaping the benefits of deep band fertilizer; it adapts to most field applications where liquid or dry fertilizer banding is preferred. Our high capacity, auto steering fertilizer caddy "steers" itself to precisely follow in the tracks of any implement. The two-wheeled unit is designed primarily to deep band granular fertilizer, but can also be used in any row crop applications - liquid or dry.  For more information, visit us at www.montagmfg.com.



Dawn Equipment Co.


Video: Dawn Equipment at the 2020 national no-tillage conference

Dawn Equipment Company is a family owned business located in Sycamore, Ill., founded more than 20 years ago to produce and market high-quality, American-made tillage equipment to meet the needs of today's farmers. Dawn products maximize efficiency for no-till or strip-till applications. At Dawn, we pride ourselves in the fact that equipment dealers and their customers can speak directly to knowledgeable salesmen and engineers with direct field experience.




Video: Martin Industries at the 2020 national no-tillage conference

Since 1991, Martin Industries has designed, manufactured and sold leading agriculture equipment across the U.S., Canada and the world. Known for Martin-Till planter attachments, the company has expanded to include a five-step planting system, closing wheel systems, twisted drag chains, fertilizer openers, weight transfer systems and more in their lineup. Their durable and reliable planter attachments are making it possible for more and more farmers to plant into higher levels of residue & cover crops.


The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group


Video: The Andersons at the 2020 national no-tillage conference


With a focus on quality, service, and technology, The Andersons strives to provide products designed to make work easier, more efficient, and most effective to achieve the highest yields. From a broad range of fertilizers, micronutrients, soil amendments and organic nutrients to patented products and technologies, we’re committed to delivering next-generation solutions with the highest level of quality and customer service in the industry.

The Andersons, Inc. was founded in 1947 in Maumee, Ohio, and is currently an eight billion dollar corporation (NASDAQ:ANDE). The Andersons, Inc. also includes business groups that serve other markets including trade, ethanol, and rail.

For more about The Andersons, visit www.AndersonsPlantNutrient.com/Agriculture




Video: Yetter at the 2020 national no-tillage conference

Profitable Solutions for Production Agriculture

For over 90 years, Yetter Farm Equipment has designed and manufactured innovative and effective solutions for the agriculture industry. Today, we are proud to be recognized worldwide as an industry leader in designing row cleaners, strip-till tools, planter attachments, precision fertilizer placement attachments, rotary hoes, toolbars, and harvest attachments. Our extensive experience—combined with our relationships with dealers, OEM partners, and innovative farmers—helps us engineer practical solutions for the many different farming operations and conditions in the agricultural industry. Our goal is that our products help our customers maximize yield potential every year.




Video: Syngenta at the 2020 national no-tillage conference

Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. We are accelerating innovation to support climate resiliency and help keep farmers productive, profitable and sustainable.


Precision Planting


Video: Precision Planting at the 2020 national no-tillage conference

Precision Planting, LLC is the leading provider of practical and effective precision ag technologies to help make farmers smarter every season. Founded in Central Illinois, Precision Planting focuses on developing smart products that improve planting, liquid application and harvest operations on farms across the world. The company is also well-known for its unique and proven approach to addressing the current agronomic issues facing farmers and providing practical educational resources for improvement.

Precision Planting is different from other technology companies in that it takes the farmer’s existing equipment and maximizes the performance of the machinery. Adapting Precision Planting technologies is easy for farmers, saving them time and money, and making their planting and liquid applications more efficient. Precision Planting technologies have made the first pass with the planter the most important field trip all season long for thousands of farmer-customers who are able to seed a field or apply nutrients or seed treatments in a variable-rate method, with precise placement.

New technologies from Precision Planting are opening doors for farmers to take advantage of the data they collect on every field pass, from planting to harvest, and to use that data to increase production and profit potential by better managing input costs and ensuring the seeds they plant maintain their top-end yield potential at emergence and beyond.

In 2018, Precision Planting opened the Precision Technology Institute (PTI) in Pontiac, Illinois, a 200-acre agronomic research site, as well as a location where farmers can experience Precision Planting technologies and products in a real-farm environment. PTI is an educational site that brings agronomy, new technology and equipment to the forefront for the industry. Research at PTI focuses on creating best-use agronomic practices for precision ag technologies. Results from PTI research are delivered at Winter Conference.

Precision Planting is represented in the continental United States by a network of over 400 dealerships and provides technologies to agricultural equipment manufacturers around the world.

Midwest Bio-Tech

Midwest Bio-Tech


For nearly 40 years, Midwest Bio-Tech has provided a biological boost to the bottom line in farming. We market the full line of Chandler products that enhance biological activity in animals, plants, and soils. Our products include seed treatments to improve germination and early root growth, Chandler Soil to increase nutrient availability and soil health, and Biocat 1000 to recycle nutrients and build organic matter from crop residue. We also offer soil health testing services through our new soil health laboratory at Erie, Illinois.


Indigo Ag


Indigo Ag improves grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health through the use of nature-based and digital technologies. The company’s core offerings – Biologicals, Carbon, Marketplace, and Transport – integrate across the supply chain to optimize how the world’s most impact crops are produced, sourced, and distributed. Founded in 2014 with a mission of harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, today the company’s technology connects stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem to unlock sustainability and profitability benefits for all. Indigo Ag is headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional offices in Memphis, TN; Research Triangle Park, NC; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Basel, Switzerland. 

Midwest Bio-Tech

Copperhead Ag


Founded by Dave Terveen and Kevin Berg in 2008, Copperhead Agricultural Products was born from the idea of solving common farming challenges with new approaches. Our patented Furrow Cruiser and Drill Cruiser planter closing wheels provide farmers with greater control, greater success, and greater yields.

Following the success of our patented planter closing wheels, we expanded our range to offer high quality brackets for updating Case IH closing systems, planter arm conversion kits, and the Cruiser Xtreme, a cast iron version of our Furrow Cruiser planter closing wheel with unbeatable durability.

In August of 2018 we were able to license the patent for an aftermarket concave from the inventor Donnie Estes.  We began manufacturing and marketing the Copperhead Concave systems, offering unbeatable durability, versatility and performance to the American farmer.

Just a short while later, in December of 2018, longtime inventor Phil Kester of RK Products decided to retire and asked that we carry on his brand and patents.  We were humbled, as Phil is truly a one-of-a-kind person and quickly accepted with the purchase of his company.  We moved the inventory from his place in East Moline, IL to our manufacturing facility in Humboldt, SD and got to work learning how to supply a whole new product line to farmers.

We are constantly on the lookout for honest-to-goodness farmer inventions that help farmers make their lives easier, more profitable, or both!!  If you have a great idea or know of someone who does, give our sales manager, Jake Jass, a call and tell him about it!

Midwest Bio-Tech



 PhycoTerra® is a portfolio of superior soil microbial food products, which include PhycoTerra®, PhycoTerra® Organic, and PhycoTerra® ST (Seed Treatment).

PhycoTerra® products are microalgal solutions, sourced from nature, that work to improve overall soil structure, water productivity and nutrient use efficiency by feeding the soil microbiome – all important for healthy crops and healthy profits.

Midwest Bio-Tech

Exapta Solutions


Exapta Solutions makes your no-till farming easier and more successful. We provide innovative no-till seeding equipment upgrades and educational products to help you achieve higher yields and maximum profitability. Your farming future is brighter with no-tilling, and farmers and agronomists across the US, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere are leading the way.

Whether you are new to no-till or are looking to improve the performance of your existing seeding equipment, let our experts help you. No-till farming, with the right equipment and guidance, can give you higher yields, more yield stability, greater efficiency per hour, and all this without degrading the soil.

GS3 Logo.png

GS3 Quality Seed Inc.


GS3 Quality Seed Inc. is owned by Garth and Susan Mulkey. They are fourth-generation seed farmers in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon and have been growing, conditioning and marketing seeds at the same location since 1966. As dedicated seed producers, they are always focused on seed purity and quality, combined with proven genetics.

Garth and Susan have been no-till farming for 23 years and know firsthand the benefits of planting radishes and other cover crops. Even in seed production fields, radishes provide the same great benefits as they do for row-crop producers. GS3 Quality Seed prides itself on honesty, fairness, high-quality seed, economical prices, and exceeding your expectations.


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