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Native Grasses Provide Forage, Moisture Retention in Southwest

Native grasses provide vital benefits to the Southwest desert ecosystem, high-quality forage for livestock and effective mitigation tools for addressing natural resources concerns.
Both warm- and cool season native grasses provide benefits that are vital to the Southwest desert ecosystems such as lowering soil surface temperature, reducing soil erosion, decreasing soil compaction and improving water infiltration.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Focus on No-Till, Soil Health Puts Farm Problems Out to Pasture

Veteran no-tiller Terry Ness has found a focus on soil health and diverse rotations can mean reduced inputs and security in the face of weather, insects, weeds and disease.
My soils were on the verge of giving out on me when I finally made the switch to no-till. I’m a first-generation farmer.
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Oklahoma Water Center Aims to Conserve Water Through Cover Crops

Project partners are conducting field research evaluating how the use of cover crops, no till farming and grazing of cover crops effect soil health, soil carbon, nutrient cycling, greenhouse gases emissions, and water quality and quantity.
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Strategies for Drought Management on Pastures

Vanessa Corriher-Olson, Ph.D., Overton, and Jamie Foster, Ph.D., Beeville, said careful management early in a drought can minimize long-term stand damage and help maintain forage yields when rains do come.

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