No-Till Corn: Pushing the Boundaries

No-Till Corn: Pushing the Boundaries of Yield Potential


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It might be tempting to dismiss contest-winning growers’ high yields as show-pony plots. However, those who dismiss the National Corn Growers Association National Corn Yield Contest do so at their own peril. The contest’s scope, breadth, depth, and what can be learned both from the participants and from participating make it impossible to ignore. Good farming is good farming.

For this special report, we’ve avoided the overall results to look at state winners in diverse geographic locations. There’s a lot to learn here, from Cornhuskers in the Corn Belt to Badgers in the Dairyland. This special report is about no-tillers at the top of their games so far. They're always looking to improve on yield. You’ll find tips and guidance from growers at or near the height of their talents, see what challenges they face, from managing equipment to self control. While some of the things in this report might be eyepopping surprises, it’s more likely they will be similar to how you manage your farm. The farmers we spoke to manage farms at scale in addition to their contest acres. They’re not show ponies. They’re workhorses.

Here's some of the valuable insight you'll find:

  • Page 4: Invest in Your Crop When Pursuing High Corn Yields
  • Page 8: Satellites, Namesake Hybrids Propel Kansas No-Tiller
  • Page 10: Weather, Trials Provide for Dirks in Pennsylvania
  • Page 12: Balanced Nutrient Application Key to High Corn Yields
  • Page 14: Maximizing Corn Yield Potential in the Dryland

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