Centennial Farm

Centennial Farm

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Through 76 short vignettes and 550 photos, you’ll become acquainted with the American farm family like a neighbor or friend, sharing in 140-years of heart-touching stories. Life on the farm had more than its share of hardship, disease and chronic money shortages, but the beauty of nature, beloved animals and the support of family fills the heart with courage during times of difficulty. This is an enjoyable read for most anyone on your gift list—including yourself. Lovers of farm lore, history buffs and nostalgia seekers will appreciate the authenticity of the accounts of farm practices, farm technology and animal husbandry. Anyone interested in getting some distance from the constant drudgery of following the daily news through a good read will enjoy this book! Written by Farm Equipment president Frank Lessiter, who grew up on this centennial farm in Michigan.

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