No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook


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No-till and cover crops are among the most cost effective tools to reverse soil erosion and carbon loss and improve soil health. The economic, agronomic and environmental benefits of these practices are well known within the farming community. But for many farmers, lack of knowledge is a barrier to implementation. 

Transitioning from conventional farming to no-till and incorporating the use of cover crops requires a higher level of management, but with No-Till Farmer's new No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook, you now have easy access to the critical information you need on field preparation, equipment requirements, how no-till and covers impact other agronomic practices and more.

The No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook's easy-to-follow format and helpful visuals offer a complete and convenient resource for anyone who is unsure if no-till and covers will work for them, as well as those already convinced of the merits of the practices but unsure how to implement them. You'll find:

  • 182 pages offering detailed insight into successful no-til and cover crop practices
  • 400+ photos showcasing the best no-till recommendations
  • 300+ charts and visuals illustrating soil-saving practices
  • 85 sections focused on the most important cover crop and no-till topics
  • Contributions from 20+ experts

You'll find the latest information on the most effective practices in use today by top leaders in no-till and cover crops! Hear what others have to say about the No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook:


“No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook is a thorough and practical guide for any farmer new to no-till and/or cover crops. Its equipment descriptions, comparisons and uses are invaluable. The understanding of these different aspects of no-till are so vital to farmers’ success with the practice.”
— Jodi DeJong-Hughes, Regional Educator, University of Minnesota Extension Service    

“An excellent guide for those transitioning to no-till and cover crops and as a training resource.”       
— Barry Fisher, retired, Central Region Leader, Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), Greencastle, Ind.



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