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Are you treating soybeans like a second-class citizen or the black sheep of the family? While you often hear the frustrations from no-tillers that soybean yields have seemingly plateaued, are you really paying attention to the details that can push soybean yields to new heights?

With seed prices soaring, Ed Winkle says it’s time for no-tillers to put the same kind of management effort into their soybeans as with corn.

The owner of Hymark Consulting in Martinsville, Ohio, has made a living focusing on improving no-till soybean yields. Winkle will share proven practices from handling seed to inoculation to fertility needs to planting conditions to pest control to harvesting tips. In addition, he’ll show you how to develop ideal no-till rotations to improve soybean yields and make your no-till crops more productive.

(Total Run Time: 55 minutes; File Size: 62.3 Megabytes)

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