Learn About the Latest Product Advancements During the No-Till Tech Talks: Innovative Product Solution Sessions

Find valuable no-till product and application information by attending the No-Till Tech Talks: Innovative Product Solution Sessions, being held right before the official Welcome Reception at the 2023 National No-Tillage Conference on Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 2:45 p.m. CT.

These rapid-fire presentations — from industry-leading suppliers — each examine a different no-till solution and/or how-to tip, and you’ll benefit from the questions asked by your fellow attendees via the Q&A time. This special session is moderated by No-Till Innovator alum and No-Till Farmer Legend Randall Reeder, retired ag engineer at Ohio State University and leader of the Ohio Conservation Tillage Conference.

When: Sessions will start at 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 10. Each session is limited to 20 minutes.
Where: National No-Tillage Conference, Hyatt Regency St. Louis Arch Hotel in St. Louis, Mo.

Who May Attend: Registered attendees of the 2023 National No-Tillage Conference only.
Cost: FREE to attend, but you must already be registered for the conference.
Capacity: Limited to 99 attendees.
How to Sign Up: Complete the online signup form below to reserve your seat.

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Only registered attendees of the 2023 National No-Tillage Conference may attend the Tech Talks.
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Learn from These Industry Leaders. More Sessions to be Announced Soon!
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Below are just a few of the industry-leading companies and organizations you'll hear from during these insightful presentations. More sessions to be announced soon. Click here to sign up now to reserve your seat.




GBGI Inc. started in 1993 from the ground up when we released our industry leading three piece seal design. What started out as one mill and one lathe has now grown into 4 robotic cells, 7 mills and 16 lathes.


"Move yield barriers to profit opportunities with SIMPAS-applied Solutions™"

SIMPAS-Applied Solutions


SIMPAS-applied Solutions ™ target unmet agronomic needs and enable farmers to implement sub-field management practices with at-plant inputs. This approach helps turn yield barriers, such as pest pressure, iron deficiency, nitrogen limitations and poor soil health, into opportunities to increase yield and profit potential. Jim Lappin, director of the SIMPAS ® portfolio with AMVAC ® , will discuss applying multiple SIMPAS-applied Solutions prescriptively in-furrow at planting with the SIMPAS application system. These proven products offer consistent results, while the new SmartCartridge ™ containers enable farmers to apply only what is prescribed, precisely where it is needed.


"Susterre: Use ultra-high pressure water jets to handle heavy crop residue with no downforce"



Regenerative practices like no-till farming and cover crops are very beneficial.  Unfortunately they are complicated by the presence of heavy crop residue on the field. Come learn how Susterre’s water jet technology can overcome these issues and deliver multiple benefits on your farm:

"Why UFC & Improved Varieties"

URSA Farmers Coop


Ursa Farmers Coop provides a full-line of cover crop seeds. There are many variables to consider when fitting cover crops into an overall cropping system. And that's where we come in! It may take a two to three year plan to fully integrate cover crops. The earlier a plan is in place, the easier and more successful it will be. We offer innovative approaches in cover crops, nutrient management, high quality product, high yield specialists and improved varieties.

Why UFC seed solutions?

"Turning Equipment into Solutions"

Verge Ag

Verge Ag

New from Verge Ag, Equipment Explorer is a powerful new software that gives dealers the power to move beyond spreadsheets and into a data-driven solution. With Equipment Explorer, dealers can simulate the agronomic, operational, and economic impacts of different pieces of equipment - all while using their customer’s actual fields and boundaries. Simplify the sales process with the equipment best suited to each customer's unique values, goals, and tailored to their operations. 

"What’s new in the planter box? Terrasym microbial technology"

NewLeaf Symbiotics


NewLeaf Symbiotics focuses on a unique class of bacteria, the pink pigmented facultative methylobacteria (PPFMs). Terrasym technology builds off the natural symbiotic relationship between the plant and PPFM bacteria. Microbial products developed with PPFMs enhance plant nutrient uptake, root development and early vigor while setting the crop up to reach its maximum yield potential. Terrasym technology is now available as a dry powder planter box application, either in a co-pack with talc/graphite-based seed lubricants or as a blend with soybean-based seed lubricants.

"Confidence in Carbon for No-Till Farmers through CarbonNOW®"

Locus Agricultural Solutions (Locus AG) – CarbonNOW® Carbon Farming Program


Have you been excluded from other carbon programs because of regen ag practices? Join carbon farming expert Travis Kraft to learn about CarbonNOW, a carbon farming program changing the industry because it: utilizes powerful biologicals – crop-specific soil microbes – that boost yields & ROI as an approved practice change; accepts new- and long-term regen ag farmers (including no/strip/minimal till, cover crops); guarantees upfront payments and no program fees; and has paid out more than $2M to U.S. farmers in the past year. Farmers around the country are touting CarbonNOW as the first carbon farming program that actually works.

"PeptiGro - New Product in Toolbox to Increase Corn, Soybean and Wheat Yields"
Cibari BioScience


PeptiGro® is a liquid mixture of amino acids and peptides and maximizes crop yields in both favorable and unfavorable environments. Results based on 10,000+ field data points collected to date, foliar applications of PeptiGro® showed a clear yield benefit of 2+ Bu./Ac. in corn and a 1+ Bu./Ac. in soybeans and in-furrow applications of PeptiGro® showed a 1+ Bu./Ac. benefit in both corn and soybeans. PeptiGro® foliar and in-furrow applications in winter wheat showed 1.2 and 1.5 Bu./Ac. yield benefit, respectively. PeptiGro® is an exciting, new, proactive tool to use in foliar and in-furrow fertilizer programs to increase corn, soybean, and wheat profit margins. PeptiGro® is also an excellent source of nutrients for enhancing growth of microbial products on the market. 

"Maximize your uptime…applying liquid fertilizer with extreme accuracy and peace of mind"

SurePoint Ag Systems

SurePoint Logo

SurePoint Ag Systems was founded in August 2007 by Blaine Ginther, Josh Wolters, and Matt Wolters. At that time, GPS technology was being rapidly adopted by many farmers. With this new GPS technology came an opportunity to help producers more precisely apply fertilizer, chemical, seed, and other crop inputs. SurePoint was created to help producers become more efficient by applying the right product, in the right place, at the right rate.


"Plant for Profit: How Value-Added Markets For Soy Can Open New Revenue Streams for No-Till Farmers"

Benson Hill

Benson Hill Logo

Consumers are demanding more nutritious, more sustainable protein sources and increasingly care about HOW they are produced. That’s driving rapid growth of value-added markets like plant-based protein and aquaculture. Benson Hill has designed high-yield potential soybean varieties with higher protein levels right out of the ground, to deliver sustainability advantages for these booming markets. Find out how you can take advantage of expanding U.S. soy markets while increasing your farm profit potential by making ingredients that are better from the beginning. Join Jeff Johnson, president of Benson Hill Seeds, for an overview of 2023 opportunities and the benefits of growing within a closed-loop business model.



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