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Developing No-Till Success with Focus on Nutrients and Soil Health

Mentorship from an experienced no-tiller and a keen focus on healthy plants and soils are helping young Indiana farmer Dayne Jessup develop a solid no-till system.
For young people who don’t come from a farm family but want to get into farming, the challenges of getting started can seem insurmountable, as the cost of land and equipment are almost prohibitive for someone starting with nothing.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Managing Soil Conditions and Plant Health Keeps Yields Climbing

Constant experimentation and evaluation of his no-till equipment and products help Keavin Hill weed out what really works for his farm.
I DON’T KNOW if I was just stubborn or what, but I refused to accept that I couldn’t get a good stand through no-till. Now I can happily say we get excellent stands with no-till, but they didn’t come without some growing pains and a lot of tinkering.
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Changing Factors Require Different No-Till Corn Choices

While most seed firms don’t rank corn hybrids for essential agronomic factors, smaller companies are offering what farmers want and need in the way of important selection data to help you push up no-till profits.
Everyone's heard seed salesman say that almost every corn hybrid will perform well with any type of tillage. While more seed companies are finally admitting that cold vigor, residue level, germination rate and a few other items should be evaluated when selecting corn hybrids for no-till, Kevin Newgard maintains a number of other key agronomic factors need to be considered.
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