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Ag States of America: North Dakota

A whopping 90% of the land in North Dakota is utilized for farming. Think that makes for a lot of ag production? You betcha. Wheat, honey and dry beans are just the beginning. Learn more about the state’s agriculture industry in this episode of Ag States of America, brought to you by Pivot Bio.
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NDSU Publishes Broadleaf Crop Variety Data

Researchers from the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station annually conduct variety evaluations at the Research Extension Centers and cooperating producer’s fields. Through these trials, data about flax, canola, field pea, dry bean, sunflower and soybean yield, and quality traits is generated and published.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

After Nearly 25 Years, Improvements Still Keep Coming

An open mind welcomes a lot of ideas that, with a little tweaking, can deliver even more success to your fields.
Talk to 10 no-tillers and you’ll probably hear 10 slightly different viewpoints on why it pays to quit disturbing and start building the soil. At Sheridan Farms, we’ve got our list, too. We’ve been able to drop from five marketed crops to two or three without any loss in productivity or farm income.
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