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Will Cold Temperatures Reduce Pest Populations?

The cold winter has prompted farmers to ask what the influence of these temperatures might be on insect and slug populations. Hard winters will knock back some pest species, but it's difficult to generalize, and the influence of cold winter temperatures on the majority of crop pests is not very predictable.
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Corn Pest Decline May Save Farmers Money

Populations of European corn borer (ECB), a major corn crop pest, have declined significantly in the eastern United States, according to Penn State researchers. The decline suggests that the use of genetically modified, ECB-resistant corn hybrids an expensive, yet effective, solution that has been widely adopted by farmers may now be unnecessary in some areas.
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Kudzu Bug: An Approaching Pest Species

When kudzu bugs feed upon kudzu, it can be considered a beneficial species, but in the southeastern U.S. kudzu bugs have become a serious pest of soybeans.

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Monsanto Offers Online Insect Forecast Tool For Corn

As farmers across the Corn Belt continue to battle above- and below-ground insect pests year after year, a comprehensive integrated pest management approach is key to maximizing yield potential, especially in corn-on-corn environments. Integrated pest management is about taking a comprehensive look at how you are managing yield-robbing pests in your field.
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