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Using AMS to Combat Hard Water Antagonism of Postemergence Herbicides

The weed control efficacy of many weak acid herbicides like glyphosate, 2,4-D, clethodium and glufosinate can be reduced by hard water because the positively-charged hard water cations bind to the negatively-charged herbicide molecules, reducing the herbicide's ability to be absorbed into the plant. Find out how adding AMS to the tank can alleviate this antagonism.
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Tips for Terminating Cover Crops Without Glyphosate

With the popular weed killer in legal straits in the U.S., no-tillers say they’d turn to other chemicals, rollers or other options. But most won’t give up on cover crops.
Glyphosate has been invaluable to no-tillers in North America and overseas as an inexpensive, effective tool for not only killing weeds but also terminating cover crops ahead of or after planting.
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Novel Sugar From Cyanobacteria Targets Same Pathway as Glyphosate

The newly discovered natural molecule could be as effective as Roundup but potentially safe and non-toxic to humans and animals.
Chemists and microbiologists at Tübingen University in Germany have discovered a sugar molecule that inhibits the growth of plants and microorganisms and appears to be harmless to human cells. Could this be an alternative to controversial glyphosate?
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