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Effects of High Temperatures on Wheat

>Both daytime high and nighttime low temperatures have been extremely high across parts of Kansas during the four-day period May 9-12 (Figure 1). Extreme heat in early- to mid-May occasionally happens, but usually just for a single day. To have four consecutive days of days with highs in the low- to mid-90s °F at a time when much of the state’s wheat crop is either in the heading or flowering stage is concerning.

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No-Till Passport Series

Groundbreaking Wheat Research Continues at CIMMYT

Mexican no-tiller Breton details how organization impacts farmers everywhere

Guillermo Breton's family had a front row seat to Dr. Norman Borlaug's groundbreaking research on wheat in the 1950's. The fifth-generation no-tiller describes how their work continues today in central Mexico, and is helping farmers better prepare for challenges ahead. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries. 

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Injury Symptoms From Freeze Damage to Wheat: What to Look For?

The recent cold temperatures experienced during 31 March – 14 April 2022 were enough to cause freeze damage to winter wheat in parts of Kansas. The actual freeze damage will be region-specific depending on crop growth stage and minimum temperatures (some regions had a worst combination of temperatures and crop growth stage) and, within a region, field specific owing to many individual aspects such as crop density, residue level, etc. While there is nothing that we can do immediately, growers can prioritize fields where they sample for freeze damage symptoms depending on conditions that were more likely to result in freeze damage.

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Alfalfa, Red Clover can Furnish N for Following Crops

Legumes still can provide valuable N to today’s cropping systems. Legumes also contribute a non-nitrogen rotation effect due to addition of soil organic matter and improvement in soil health. Corn grown following alfalfa stands that are 2+ years old (and contained at least 50% alfalfa) require no nitrogen fertilizer on many soils. Red clover N credits are less than for alfalfa.

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corn and soybean field

Corn Upside and Downside Price Scenarios

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created uncertainty in global grain exports. This uncertainty has and likely will continue to result in short-term opportunity for US corn exports. This article conducts scenario analysis around US corn prices, examining plausible “what-if” events and predicting possible outcomes. Scenario analysis can provide a better understanding of upside opportunities as well as downside risks. A better understanding of the potential outcomes of these events can help in planning and managing should they occur.

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No-Till Farmer Influencers & Innovators

[Podcast] No-Tilling on the Slopes of Washington State with John Aeschliman

In this episode of the “<em>No-Till Farmer</em> Influencers & Innovators” podcast, brought to you courtesy of Ingersoll & Agrisolutions, Frank Lessiter chats with John Aeschliman who no-tills on the steep slopes of the Palouse area of Washington State.
In this episode of the “No-Till Farmer Influencers & Innovators” podcast, brought to you courtesy of Ingersoll & Agrisolutions, Frank Lessiter chats with John Aeschliman who no-tills on the steep slopes of the Palouse area of Washington State.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Harnessing Data, Tweaking Inputs Pushes No-Till Production to New Heights

Variable-rate technology helps North Dakota’s Chad Rubbelke better utilize precision data to apply nutrients precisely and boost crop yields.
I was born into no-till, you could say. It’s really all I’ve ever known. My grandfather was a big proponent for the environment and was an advocate when my Dad pushed for reducing tillage on our farm in the early 1990s.
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