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Sarah Singla

Conservation Agriculture is a Tool, Not a Goal

Farmers are 21st-century innovators who apply amazing technologies to the challenges of our moment. A member of the Global Farmer Network, French farmer Sarah Singla says "We do all of this because we’re resilient — and know that our job as farmers is to keep producing food, even in the harshest of circumstances."
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Can We Talk About Climate Change? Here is What We Agree On

As someone who has now clocked over thirty years of working with farmers and ranchers (and agriculture organizations) on multiple natural resource issues and policies, I can tell you from my experience that people’s opinions on climate change seem to break down roughly into one of four categories.
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Soil Health: The Next Big Step in Agriculture

Farmers must adopt conservation agricultural practices to begin building the environment for healthier soil microbes.
As you look back through agriculture there have been some real turning points. Agriculture saw the first real leap into production agriculture in our country with the Industrial Age, when mechanized agriculture really changed the face of our country. Larger and larger farms were created as it became possible to produce crops on many more acres.
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