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Nitrogen Fertilizer: Weighing The Value Of Fall Vs. Spring Applications

As corn harvest is concluding, many farmers are turning their thoughts to preparing for next year’s crop. One thought is on how to best apply nitrogen (N) fertilizers to maximize N use efficiency and corn yields. Nitrogen fertilizers can be applied at many times throughout the year including: fall, spring, preplant, at planting, sidedress, or through fertigation. When deciding when and how to apply N fertilizers, consider the 4Rs of nutrient management
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Don't Apply All Residual In The Fall

Multiple years of OSU research on fall and spring no-till herbicide treatments have consistently shown that the value and effectiveness of residual herbicides for soybeans is maximized when they are applied in the spring, not the fall.
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Fall Sprays Can Prevent A Weedy Mess

Starting the spring weed-free can relieve the workload pressure in a wet year.
Marestail rising 2-feet tall, thriving patches of lambsquarters and robust pigweed are becoming a greater threat to no-till yields. A fall-applied pre-plant herbicide may be just the thing to help no-tillers start spring with a clean field.
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