Concord's NT30HD Double Disc Drill is a 30-foot-wide model that offers an improved air distribution system, as well as a more simplified design for easier calibration and clean-out. The integral tank on the NT30HD offers an industry-leading capacity of 175 bushels (6,167 L) divided 60/40 into two. It includes multiple product level sensors for closely monitoring the amount of seed or fertilizer remaining. The tank has steep slopes for effective material movement with a dedicated meter flute for each seed opener, resulting in more even seed distribution and spacing for better emergence and production. The Venturi meter design also eliminates the need for a pressurized hopper.

An ISO compliant electronic control unit controls and monitors a wide variety of functions, including fan speed, meter status, row unit down force, bin levels and more. The system is compatible with most in-cab ISO terminals, but is optimized for seamless use with the field-proven Raven CR7 and Viper 4+ terminals. A remote calibration keypad is included as standard equipment, allowing operators to calibrate the machine without having to run back and forth between the meters and tractor cab.

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