The BEACON Horizon 2020 research project aspires to deliver a blockchain-fueled toolbox that couples cutting edge Earth Observation (EO) technology with weather intelligence to deliver cost-efficient and actionable insights for the agri-insurance industry.

BEACON started a year ago and currently all work-packages are in full operation. Over this first 12month journey, BEACON started, evolved and is already making a difference with its mark in the Agricultural Insurance (AgI) sector. Over this period the project team worked on identifying AgI actors’ requirements and needs and processing modules that will operationally produce the earth observation products and meteorological data, to drive the BEACON services.

The BEACON services:

  • Crop Monitoring
  • Damage Assessment Calculator
  • Anti-fraud Inspector
  • Damage Prevention/Prognosis – Early Warning

The 1st operational BEACON toolbox is by now available and the Alpha stage of the pilot plan along with insurance partners and further AgI stakeholders is about to start.

Alongside with BEACON partners, 16 Lighthouse customers (first users) are already on board the project, focusing on co-creating a perfect-fit solution for the Agricultural Insurance sector, easy to be integrated and customized to daily tasks and operational procedures.

To find out more on how BEACON redesigns the Agricultural Insurance sector you can browse the webpage, subscribe in the newsletter, follow the social media and watch the YouTube channel. In case you want to actively get engaged in the Network of Interest, join the BEACON Content HUB via subscription.