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Micro-Trak Dual ISOmod – Rate Controller for ISOBUS

Flexible, powerful, automatic rate controller — featuring Single or Dual channel control and multi-section capabilities. It is ISOBUS ready, connecting easily to existing control systems and utilizing an in-cab ISO terminal for setup and control.

  • Advanced rate control combined with flexible channel configuration options — choose from Normal, Parallel, and Injection modes
  • Powerful Multifunction outputs to control on/off valve for Master, Relief, Flow Trigger, or Flush functions

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Reichhardt Electronic Innovations GREEN FIT Interface

GREEN FIT is for growers who want to use the AutoTrac™ guidance system on the equipment brand of their choice. GREEN FIT is an interface that utilizes the same monitor and user interface that users of the AutoTrac™ system want. GREEN FIT eliminates the burden of learning a new system when buying another equipment brand. GREEN FIT is authorized by John Deere and equipment manufacturers as a navigation interface that utilizes the AutoTrac™ guidance system and OEM guidance ready components to steer qualifying vehicles. GREEN FIT fulfills John Deere’s quality and engineering standards while maintaining vehicle safety, warranty and functionality.

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Yetter 2940 Air Adjust Series

Yetter’s innovative 2940 Air Adjust Series allows you to adjust up and down pressures with the touch of a button, creating the ideal ride for the residue managers. The in-cab controller allows for quick adjustments from your cab with the touch of a button, controlling five programmable settings and other functions. Control system is designed with option to control with ISOBUS.

Planting conditions change every hour, every day. Save time and make adjustments for field conditions from your tractor seat. The 2940 Series of products includes the 2940 Residue Manager, Coulter/Residue Manager Combo, Firming Wheel and Rolling Basket.

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DigiFarm Beacon v3.0

Seamlessly stream RTK data into any receiver without modems or cables. 

The Beacon v3.0 is a ruggedized Bluetooth device connecting any GPS/GNSS receiver and your iPad or tablet. This bridge streams RTK corrections through your smart device without additional data plans, modems, radios, or costly RTK base stations. The DigiFarm NTRIP app is available for free on iTunes.

The Beacon v3.0 is the industry’s first Bluetooth device to be MFi (Apple) certified. Devices that haven’t been through this certification run the risk of limited bandwidth, interrupted data flow, and reduced operating range.



Ag Express Electronics®

Find cost-effective solutions for precise, more profitable planting at Ag Express Electronics®. We offer rugged, reliable, maintenance-free flexible cable drive and clutch products from Elliott Manufacturing®. The systems fit a variety of planters and provide mechanical advantages without the need for additional power sources. Contact us for more information!

FlexSeeder™ is an easy replacement for Kinze® and John Deere® chain and sprocket drives.

Row Control™ provides individual row shutoff for John Deere planters with Pro-Shaft™ drives.

Surface Drive™ adds a mechanical drive system to Precision Planting vSet® seed meters.

GroundControl™ is a simple and improved replacement for John Deere RowCommand™.

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