See how other farmers are adopting technology to manage their implements and learn how they perceive the growth of technology from the cab to the farm and beyond.

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This summer, the editors of No-Till Farmer and Strip-Till Farmer conducted two separate surveys. One focused on hay and forage acres and a second survey that wasn’t specific to any crop, which offered more questions related to technology. Editors were able to gather insight into what precision tools are being utilized and how farmers perceive what may lie ahead in terms of farm management through ag tech.

In this FREE eGuide, full of “boots on the ground” insight, you’ll be able to compare technology adaptation across different crops and hear other farmers’ views on remote farm management and the prospect of increased autonomous farming.

Explore key data-driven findings of how situated farmers are when it comes to their current technology setups.

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In this FREE eGuide you’ll see results and insight from both surveys that touch on these key topics and more:

  • Do you farm with ISOBUS Compliant Implements?
  • How many displays/monitors are in your primary tractor?
  • How often do you calibrate your equipment?
  • How likely it is your personal mobile device becomes the primary tool to remotely control your farm operation?

Plus, hear from farmers like Brian Ryberg in Minnesota.

“Back when I was farming with my father, he couldn’t see why I would spend so much on auto-steering,” recalls Ryberg. “Until one day when the system quit working while he was doing field work and he refused to do any more tillage until the system was fixed.”

Download this eGuide TODAY and see how technology use can vary greatly from farmer to farmer, field to field and cab to cab.

The relationship between manufacturers and farmers has never been seamless, yet in an industry where the complexity of equipment setups and data connections continues to escalate, the two sides need to be on the same page more than ever.

In this FREE eGuide – Tracking Farm Technology Adoption: Trends, Transitions & Takeaways – you will see data, insight and analysis from farmers on how they perceive the growth of technology on the farm and in the cab.

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