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“Is this just a quick fad? I don’t think so — there’s just so much use for it… That said, there will probably be people who get burned this year because the infrastructure just isn’t in place yet ...” – Steve Groff

Long-time no-tiller Steve Groff from Holtwood, Penn., has been at the forefront of the cover crop movement for several years as a founder of the Cover Crop Innovators, the developer of tillage radish genetics and much more.

With his latest venture, Hemp Innovators, Groff is helping producers navigate the murky waters of the emerging industrial hemp industry. Groff brings his 25 years of experience in cover crop research and deep roots in studying hemp planting to this new arena with his customary intelligence and common sense.

In this episode, we hear from Groff, speaking at the Pennsylvania No-Till Alliance Field Days, which occurred in July 2019. Explaining everything from hemp basics to best methods for weed control, general fertility tips, and what can go wrong with your hemp crop, Groff explains why he thinks hemp is a good crop for no-tillers despite the risks.







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