Wilger's Electronic Flow Monitoring System is used to ensure liquid fertilizers, inoculations or other chemicals are applied consistently and at the correct dose. The row-by-row flow System can monitor up to three products and 196 rows of product on a single system, displaying wirelessly in an Android tablet in the cab.

Each individual row has a dedicated flowmeter built for agriculture, being fully maintainable, with easily replaceable parts and quality seals. The flowmeter has a patented jet system that stabilizes the flow across different flow rates, further having better accuracy when monitoring the flow. All of the connectors are Deutsch connectors, for quality electrical connections, with the ability to maintain and replace ends, if required.

The free flow monitoring app pulls in sensor feedback and is customizable to split up monitoring screens and alarm thresholds for different products, sections or preferences.

The system itself is built upon Wilger's O-ring seal product line, with a host of manifolds, flow indicators (for visual redundancy), check valves and precision molded metering orifices. For existing users of flow view ball flow indicators, the EFM system can plug in after the column to easily tie it into the existing system.

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