Mathews' Delta Series Mixed-Flow Grain Dryer line consists of eight models with drying capacities ranging from 600-8,400 bph at 5 point moisture removal.

To generate the warm drying air, stainless steel and cast aluminum burners were integrated with commercial grade in-line centrifugal fans to produce a highly efficient and effective heater system. The in-line centrifugal fans avoid “stall” operation typically found in low pressure situations which can easily occur in a mixed-flow dryer. This type of fan technology also operates more efficiently as evident by the noticeably quiet operation, thereby also making it easier to operate and be around the dryer.

To evenly distribute the hot air safely to the grain, a unique external heat chamber was created. This design attribute ensures the flame of the burner system is physically isolated from the grain, provides uniform temperature distribution throughout the drying air and safely applies the hottest air to the wettest grain. Utilizing SmartFlow Technology, the tapered duct design evenly distributes the drying air across the grain column resulting in the highest quality grain and fully optimized holding and drying capacity.

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