The Loftness Bag Baler Option mounts directly onto the Loftness GBU10 Grain Bag Unloader and rolls up 10 foot bags up to 300 feet long. It fits on new or existing GBU10 models, and eliminates the need for a secondary power source or transport as auxiliary units require. The unit rolls up the bag directly off the main bag roller on the bag unloader.

The unit requires only one hydraulic outlet. It features an enclosed twine ball holder with a sliding twine wrapping handle for wrapping twine around baled bag. The hydraulic bag rolling spear slides out of the bag bale core, allowing the finished bag bale to be discharged from the baler unit. Very simple mounting requires no welding or drilling. Weight of unit is 920 pounds. It is a fast, simple, reliable way to handle empty, used bags and prepare them for recycling.

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