GSI Z-Series Bins with Flexwave Technology give farmers a safer, more efficient and less labor-intensive option for removing remaining grain following bin unloading. Instead of brooms and shovels, two large liners made of durable fabric alternately inflate and deflate, gently pushing the remaining grain into a central reclaim for 99.9% clean out without the need to enter the bin. The first product offering is a 24 foot diameter bin available this fall, with a storage capacity ranging from 5,000-25,000 bushels, depending on height. This model size can also be a higher-capacity and more cost-effective alternative for similar-sized hopper tanks with cone bottoms, since a flat bottom storage tank that sits on the ground not only holds more grain, but also eliminates the need to install legs.

Z-Series Bins include an easy-to-use touchscreen control to automate the process and a unique aeration system proven through field testing to maintain uniform grain quality comparable to conventional systems. Air is distributed through the central reclaim to flexible tubes that move with the liners.

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