Next Instruments' CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyzer provides grain farmers with real-time field maps for protein, moisture, oil and starch as the grains are harvested in the field. Farmers can now blend grain based on quality parameters including protein, oil and starch to increase crop payments by 10-20%. The system’s superior moisture measurements allow operators to harvest for more hours in the day and increase harvest efficiency by 20%.

Since proteins in grains and oil seeds contain approximately 17% nitrogen and 3% sulfur, measuring the protein and collecting the yield data off the combine provides farmers a means of generating nitrogen and sulfur removal maps. Using Variable Rate Fertilizer Application technology, farmers can use the removal maps as a means of applying fertilizer to the zones in the field where they will get the most benefit. VRF applications offer farmers the potential to reduce fertilizer usage thereby reducing input costs and optimizing the use of protein/yield balance across their fields.

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