The HORSCH Maestro SW Dry Bulk-Fill Dry Fertilizer Planter features two integral fertilizer compartments with a combined capacity of 5 tons, allowing producers to take advantage of the economic benefits of dry fertilizer, as well as eliminate potential runoff issues associated with broadcast applications. Fertilizer can be applied 2-5 inches horizontally from the furrow and 1.5-4 inches blow seed depth. Applications can be made variable rate via ISOBUS control or HORSCH monitor.

The Maestro SW Dry is available in three models. The SW1630 is 40 feet wide with 16 rows using 30 inch spacing. The SW2420 is 40 feet wide with 24 rows and 20 inch spacing. The SW2430 is 60 feet wide with 24 rows and 30 inch spacing. All models feature 83 bushels of seed holding capacity as well as two 2.5 ton fertilizer tanks, allowing customers to apply one or two fertilizer blends at planting.

Other standard features on the Maestro SW Dry planter include electric-driven row units with curve compensation and independent section control, hydraulic down pressure, a weight transfer system and large diameter cart tires.

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