Hemisphere's GNSS A222 GNSS Smart Antenna can be configured from L1-only to multi-GNSS, multi-frequency, RTK-capable. A222 adds a system component, empowering tractor and farm equipment manufacturers to deliver their own guidance and control solutions to their customers.

Designed to excel in challenging environments, the A222 uses Hemisphere’s Athena RTK engine and is Atlas L-band capable. Easy-to-mount and customizable configurations make the A222 one of the most versatile smart antennas available. A222’s dual-Serial, CAN and pulse output options are compatible with almost any industry-standard interface.

As the A222 is Atlas-capable, it has the ability to use Atlas AutoSeed technology. Atlas AutoSeed allows users to suspend Atlas use for any period, and upon returning to their last location, AutoSeed rapidly re-converges to a high-accuracy converged position.

A222 comes pre-configured with Atlas Basic activated. Atlas Basic provides users of both single- and multi-frequency Atlas-capable products the ability to achieve SBAS-equivalent performance anywhere in the world where the Atlas correction service is available. Atlas Basic offers a proven accuracy of 30 centimeters (pass-to-pass 95%) to 50 centimeters (absolute 95%) and instantaneous sub-meter DGPS-level accuracy.

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