Tillerman Seeds, a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based company created to acquire regional producers of specialty, GMO and non-GMO seeds, has purchased the assets of Dansville, Mich.-based DF Seeds in its first transaction.

DF Seeds, an award-winning supplier of soybean and wheat varieties that are best-suited to grow in Michigan’s unique micro-climate, serves more than 400 farmers with seeds that generate higher yields and increased resistance to disease and pests. Founded in 1992, the company will continue to operate under the DF Seeds brand with the same local team, including Chris Varner, president of the company.

“We are pleased to welcome Chris and her staff to the Tillerman Seeds team, which has been working diligently to identify acquisitions in the seed market,” said James Sheppard, chief executive officer of Tillerman Seeds.

Tillerman Seeds intends to purchase small seed companies with an established regional presence or specialty products that have growth potential. The holding company plans to operate acquired companies as standalone entities with shared back-office services.