BASF’s Nexicor fungicide, engineered specifically for use in cereals, received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Powered by three modes of action, Nexicor fungicide provides long-lasting preventative and post-infection control of powdery mildew, tan spot, rusts and other diseases frequently found in cereals. 

“In addition to controlling disease pressure, Nexicor fungicide helps to provide plant health benefits,” said Megan Andriankaja, Technical Marketing Manager, BASF. “Even in instances of low disease pressure, Nexicor fungicide can maximize key plant attributes leading to stronger roots and stems, healthier leaves and a cleaner flagleaf.” 

For cereal growers, Nexicor fungicide is a convenient and flexible solution. It has a wide application window, from tillering to flag, and it also has multiple tank mix options. More options for tank mixing means fewer passes are needed, which can save growers time in the field. 

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