This page lists material that supplements the February 2016 issue of Conservation Tillage Guide.

What Do You Think?

After John Deere’s recent purchase of Precision Planting, no-tillers are more concerned than ever about keeping all their cropping data confidential, says No-Till Farmer editor Frank Lessiter. Are you concerned?

(Supplement to the “Frank Comments” column on Page 8.)

How Can You Use Drones?

Learn more about Eric and Megan Wallendal’s experience flying an unmanned aerial vehicle on their farm operation, and the payoff they’re getting from it.

(Supplement to the article “Sky’s the Limit on Uses, Payback with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” on Page 34.)

The No-Till 'Walk of Fame'

Here’s a complete list of winners of the No-Till Innovators award, sponsored by Syngenta and No-Till Farmer.

(Supplement to the article “Trailblazers Recognized for No-Till Adoption, Growth” on Page 59.)

New Ideas for Upgrading Your Planter

Here are more examples of planter modifications aimed at optimum seed and nutrient placement.

(Supplement to the article “15 No-Tillers Share Their Best Planter Tweaks, Upgrades” on Page 66.)

Your Resource for Adjuvants

Here’s comprehensive information about herbicide adjuvants by name, supplier and approximate cost.


(Supplement to the article “Adjuvants to be Key with New Herbicide Technology” on Page 109.)

More Award-Winning Farm Equipment

Here are complete lists of cutting-edge equipment featured at the Agritechnica show in Germany and those recognized in the most recent AE50 Award program organized by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).

Agritechnica Show
AE50 Awards

(Supplement to the articles, “Cutting Edge Farming Innovations Unveiled at Agritechnica in Germany” and “AE50 Awards Recognize Technology in Farm Machinery” that begin on Page 120.)