Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc., and SureFire Ag Systems, Inc. have announced a cooperative marketing agreement regarding Great Plains’ Nutri-Pro line of fertilizer application equipment.

SureFire Ag specializes in the manufacture and installation of fertilizer application systems, which currently mount as an accessory to Great Plains Nutri-Pro bars. According to the agreement, Great Plains will continue to design and build Nutri-Pro machines, while SureFire Ag will provide and install customized plumbing application systems for each machine.

Both companies feel the agreement capitalizes on their respective expertise to deliver a reliable, quality product to farmers.

“SureFire Ag has demonstrated to the industry that they have the expertise to design and install accurate, functional, and efficient fertilizer delivery systems on precision fertilizer machines like the Great Plains Nutri-Pro,” said Mike Cleveland, Great Plains Vice President of Sales. “This strategic agreement brings together two strong High Plains companies to deliver a quality product to the American farmer.”

“At SureFire, we have built a reputation on providing custom, compatible, and complete solutions for the application of liquid and NH3, backing it up with unparalleled service,” said SureFire National Sales Manager Blaine Ginther. “Our alliance with Great Plains and their dealers will allow for connectivity to all major precision ag platforms, with the ultimate goal that we delight customers.”

When a Nutri-Pro bar is purchased, Great Plains dealers will work with SureFire Ag to create a customized application system based on each customer’s specific needs. Dealers will also choose where the delivery system is installed; systems can be installed by the SureFire Ag team either at the Great Plains factory or at the dealership, or by the dealer using a SureFire kit.

Cleveland feels this agreement will positively impact the success of the Nutri-Pro product line.

“In business, it is a good thing when you can form a strong strategic alliance with a quality organization like SureFire Ag to enhance the functionality and performance of the products you build,” said Cleveland. “This is a win-win for our farmer customers and our dealers.”