Now available for sunflower growers, Spartan Elite (s-metolachlor, sulfentrazone) herbicide by FMC Agricultural Solutions will provide a powerful tool in the fight against weeds.

Spartan Elite will replace BroadAxe herbicide to provide customers clarity about the family of Spartan brand herbicides in the oilseed, pulse and tobacco markets. Used in no-till and conventional-tillage sunflower fields, Spartan Elite will provide growers with pre-emergence control of grass and broadleaf weeds.

“Spartan Elite will offer sunflower growers a powerful tool for their weed management program,” said Adam Prestegord, FMC Agricultural Solutions North America segment manager. “A great fit for growers who are experiencing higher weed pressures, Spartan Elite can also be tank mixed with other pre-emergence grass herbicides for consistent control of several key weeds and grasses.”

Handling broadleaf weeds and grasses, its binary-technology formulation provides pre-emergence weed control before planting and keeps them away while crops grow. Spartan Elite herbicide provides unsurpassed control of kochia and pigweeds as well as green and yellow foxtail, barnyardgrass, Russian thistle and common lambsquarters, including glyphosate, ALS, and triazine-resistant populations.

The application for Spartan Elite herbicide begins pre-emergence or pre-plant from 14 days prior to 3 days after planting, if seedlings have not broken the soil surface. It provides a lower use rate compared to traditional grass pre-emergence herbicides. Spartan Elite also is labeled for use on dry pea and soybeans.