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[Webinar] Managing Crop Residue Decomposition — Turning Trash Into A Treasure


Dan Coffin
Dan Coffin


Do you feel like you’re fighting against crop residue in your no-till system? Do you feel like residue is doing more damage or harm than it’s doing good? Do you like the protection it provides your no-till soils, but need it to break down quicker so that it’s easier to no-till the following spring? Get ideas, tips and techniques on how to maximize the benefits of no-till crop residue while minimizing obstacles through this webinar hosted by No-Till Farmer and Biodyne-Midwest held on September 16th, 2014. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What’s causing a hindrance to timely decomposition of residue 
  • What nutrients are available in crop residue that makes timely breakdown critical 
  • The soil biological activity necessary for effective residue decomposition 
  • What products are available today to assist in residue breakdown 

Dan Coffin, certified professional agronomist and consultant with Soil & Plant Nutritional Concepts, helps no-tillers understand the factors that may be hindering their efforts to breakdown residue efficiently and offer up techniques and practices to gain all the benefits available from crop residue. For more information about this No-Till Farmer webinar sponsored by Biodyne-Midwest, call Gilman Farley at (260) 414-5902 or email him at

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