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Micro-Trak Systems Inc.

Booth: 414F,G in North Wing

Phone: (507) 257-3600 

SafeGuard™ electronically detects blockages and alerts you with an Audible Alarm and a Visual Display of the blocked row’s number. Reduce over and under-application, save money, and apply liquid fertilizer with confidence without having to watch flow monitors or outlets.


  • Instantly detects and alerts the operator of blockages without seeing the sensor
  • Audible alarm immediately alerts operator of blockage —HEAR what you’ve been missing
  • Display immediately alerts operator of blockage —SEE what you’ve been missing
  • Monitors all runs continuously
  • Alerts operator regardless of lighting conditions
  • Blockage is detected while your attention is on other things
  • Same performance Day or Night, Rain or Shine
  • System is not affected by cloudy or dark liquids
  • Achieve full benefits of liquid fertilizer application knowing all rows are applying
  • Blockage notification for a wide variety of product applications, starter fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fumigants, etc.

Video: Micro-Trak Makes Updates to SafeGuard Blockage Monitoring System


Buhler Industries Inc. - Versatile

Booth: 4024 North Wing 


Phone: (204) 661-8711

Versatile continues to expand the product line, including recent introductions of a rotary combine and a four-track unit called the Versatile DeltaTrack. Developed as an integrated track solution and not an add-on kit, the DeltaTrack features the latest in track technology including a double-pivot bogey system for improved ride and performance, polyurethane-coated idler wheels for better longevity, and a powertrain that includes the Cummins QSX 15-liter engine mated to a CAT TA22 powershift transmission . The entire Versatile product line is known for simplicity, durability and ease of service and maintenance.

Video: Video: Versatile Shows DeltaTrack Tractor at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show


Environmental Tillage Systems, Inc.

Booth: 913G,H,I in South Wing B

Phone: (507) 332-2231

SoilWarrior is the premier “zone till” system for planting preparation, blending fertilizers throughout the root zone and prepping for great seed emergence. SoilWarrior leaves the majority of the soil naturally mulched and untouched. Most no-till and strip tillage systems rely heavily on knives or shanks. Soil Warrior’s patented rolling cog wheel fractures soil compaction in a narrow zone, providing highly effective, low impact soil treatment in the plant’s growth zone. Also see the ETS HoneyWarrior field ready for manure application and fitting with state-of-the-art Puck Custom Enterprises manure handling systems.

Video: Environmental Tillage Systems at the National Farm Machinery Show



Booth: 2001 in East Hall

Phone: (580) 761-0347

The unique design of the Joker allows you to accomplish light to aggressive tillage and excellent soil finishing. With depth management from 1”-5” the RT Series gives you precise tillage at high speed. The Joker gives you what vertical tillage can’t. Unlike vertical tillage, the Joker is a true residue management system. That means it perfectly sizes residue and incorporates it into the soil for fast decomposition. The Joker also consolidates the soil and promotes faster warming. This helps manage moisture better and gets you planting faster.

Video: Joker RT Shown by Horsch


A&I Products

Booth: 111, 112 in South Wing A & 684-691 in West Hall

Take ‘em down. Protect your tires from tough corn stalks. A&I Products has developed the Stalk Stryker™ with farmers in mind. Designed to prevent expensive tire damage, the Stalk Stryker™ features a torsion spring for consistent down pressure and a solid bar spring limiter that reduces residue entanglement. Built with an easy single pin removal capability, Stalk Stryker™ is also 15-20% lighter per shoe than the competition reducing weight hanging on the header. The shoe is fitted with a 10” wide skid made of abrasion resistant steel and has 8 position adjustment to adjust to your header height and terrain.

Video: Overview of Products from A&I, Including the Stalk Stryker


Rhino - Alamo Group Inc.

Booth: 3020 in South Wing C

Phone: (217) 784-4261

Rhino® Flex-Wing

We are revolutionizing the flex-wing industry with new Rhino-sized innovations to our Flex-Wing line. For starters a redesigned blade carrier is now a balanced, durable, lighter weight stump jumper. And our new gearbox design offers three times the torque with the same horsepower. The pivot hitch has a unique locking clevis device for ease of hooking up, while the smooth dome deck means less clutter, easier cleanup and a larger cutting chamber. Finally, the new independent suspension has been simplified and has no moving parts.

Video: Alamo Group Unveils New Rhino Flex-Wing Mower


Calmer Corn Heads

Booth: 416D,E in North Wing

Phone: (309) 629-9000

Calmer Corn Heads is known for specialized manufacturing of narrow row corn heads, and the Calmer BT Chopper stalk roll. Marion Calmer, the owner believes that with proper machinery, row width, and research, Farmers can not only increase yields, but simultaneously reduce weed presence and erosion to see their true profit potential.

The Calmer BT Chopper is available for all New CALMER manufactured corn heads. They are also available for the Farmer to upgrade their own JD 40, 90, and 600 series, the CASE-IH 2200 series, and the NH 96c, 98c, and 996 corn heads. These specially manufactured stalk rolls allow stalk into the processing portion of the stalk roll right away via the patented revolving open windows. This allows the stalk to be manipulated by the 10 super sharp knives. The result is a nice even field with small “confetti like” sized residue that decomposes very rapidly. The 40/90 and 600 series rolls are also available with additional components t to help reduce trash into the corn head and butt shelling.

Video: Calmer Corn Heads Teams With Stine Seeds to Push Toward 12-Inch Rows


Equipment Technologies

Booth: 3044, 3046 in South Wing C

Phone: (317) 834-4500

Equipment Technologies has a keen focus— a ruggedly simple, dependable and profitable self-propelled sprayer. The new 2014 Apache delivers a stunningly comfortable and ergonomic cab, elevating the operator’s experience. Equipped with dashboard apps displayed on a 7” interactive color touchscreen, you are in total control. Swipe the screen to track performance information, set two different cruise control speeds, and monitor your critical precision elements—all with the touch of a finger. Our customers tell us they get more for their dollar with an Apache, and the Apache does all they want, and more.

Video: Equipment Technologies Unveils New Ergonomic Cab for 2014 Apache Sprayers


Ag Leader Technology

Booth: 416G,H in North Wing & 914 in South Wing B


Phone: (515) 232-5363

Your data is a powerful tool for making smart management decisions. AgFiniti from Ag Leader allows you to securely manage your operation’s data from the cloud using your phone, tablet, computer or Ag Leader display. Exchange prescriptions, maps, field data and more with your trusted advisors. Best of all, it's flexible to set up. Choose any wifi hotspot device and any wireless carrier to begin transferring data from the field. AgFiniti is Your Data. Your Partners. Your Way.

Video: Ag Leader Shows Off the Evolving Services of AgFiniti


May Wes Manufacturing

Booth: 647 in West Hall

Phone: (800) 788-6483

The Original STALK STOMPERS for Corn Heads & Tractors

Level stalks ahead of your tires to reduce costly stubble damage.

May Wes Manufacturing is the recognized leader in stubble damage protection for Combine Corn Heads and Tractors. With 30+ years of experience, May Wes has continually improved the product design, reliability and expanded the stalk-leveling application.

Major agricultural tire manufacturers have reported favoring May Wes STALK STOMPERS based on field testing.

May Wes is a proud recipient of the 2012 No-Till Product of the Year Award for Residue Management.

Video: May Wes Showcases Products, Including Stalk Stompers


CDS-John Blue Company

Booth: 815, 816 in West Pavilion

Phone: (760) 772-4925

NEW CDS-John Blue Liquid Blockage Monitor System (LBMS) – AE50 Award Winner

Now you can know your liquid application flow from the cab of your tractor. Identify which row is being under-applied before your yields are diminished costing valuable time and money. Our patent-pending system shows you both low-flow and no-flow now, which means you can correct it immediately. No more second guessing if any of your delivery lines are plugged.

The system uses magnetic sensing technology mounted behind the VisaGage II Flow Monitors. It senses where magnetic balls are floating in each row during liquid application. Two display options including the popular Apple iPad will allow you to select at which level on the VisaGage the alarm will sound when a ball drops to or below that level.

When a low ball is detected a grower will see a visual display and hear an audible alarm on the control panel in the tractor cab. Each row with a distribution problem will be highlighted by a flashing LED light at the row. No need to remember or search for which row is blocked after you come to a stop. The alarm will reset automatically when the blockage has been correct.

Video: CDS-John Blue Showcases New Liquid Blockage Monitoring System


Poettinger US Inc.

Booth: 2000 in East Hall

Phone: (219) 510-5534

NOVACAT S-12 Rear Mounted Disc Mower

  • Working width of 36ft 8in Highest performance at the lowest power requirements!
    • Power to weight ration of 117lbs/ft 
  • Covers 30acres/hr with 160hp tractor
  • Manages with one double-acting remote and hydraulic weight alleviation that needs only one single adjustment
  • Transport width of 7ft 3in

More success with Poettinger US!

Video: S12: The Largest Fully-Mounted Mower in the World at 37'


MBW Products

Booth: 400F in North Wing

Phone: (712) 668-4240

The ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch puts growers in control of their implements with precision GPS steering and sub-inch accuracy. With three available models and a variety of applications ranging from planters to sprayers to strip-till machines, ProTrakker can work with virtually any setup.

The ProTrakker line of hydraulic hitches will save bushels of crop normally destroyed by implements and keep precision growers on track to maximize profits. The pay back by using our products can be substantial.

Video: ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch System Gets Attention at Show


Daugherty Companies - Agri Motive Products

Booth: 116 in South Wing A

Phone: (800) 258-2415

Introducing the 2014 line of non-population seed monitors from Vanguard…The VM-4000 Series.

All new from the ground up, there are three models to choose from. The VM-4100 is a basic 16 row model featuring our new EZ Convert implement harness. The VM-4200 and VM-4400 are packed with features including up to 36 row monitoring with ability to monitor liquid flow as well as seeds. The on-screen display shows seeds/second information by row or Min-Max-Avg.

All models feature

  • 7” Color Touch Screen
  • 1-36 row Monitoring
  • Adjustable Backlight
  • Day / Night Mode
  • Adjustable Audible Alarm
  • RAM Ball Mount

Video: Upgrades Made to the VanGuard Seed Monitoring System


Reichhardt Electronic Innovations, Inc.

Booth: 9014, 9034 in South Wing B

Phone: (701) 356-4022

Reichhardt Tactile Row Guidance (PSR TAC) is steering by the aid of a flexible tactile sensor. The durable synthetic sensor guides from the corn plant to control the vehicle. The use of hall effect sensors eliminates the need for vulnerable moving parts that can be damaged and lead to costly down time. The flexible paddles offer the ability to back the harvester up with no damage risk to the sensors or paddles. Operating in down corn is possible since the location of the senor using snout specific brackets optimizes performance. The PSR controller uses OEM integrated hydraulic and electronic components for maximum reliability and precision. See the sensor in person on the Gleaner combine at the NFMS AGCO booth.

Video: Reichhardt Showcases Tactile Row Guidance Sensor


Precision Inflation, LLC

Booth: 829 in Pavilion

Phone: (515) 707-0903

Optimal road and field tire pressures are different!

Quickly change tire pressures for tractors, planters and sprayers ON-THE-GO, maximizing performance on the road and in the field with a proven tire inflation system from Precision Inflation, LLC. Higher Road Pressure-- greater stability for heavier loads at higher speed. Lower Field Pressure --bigger footprint on soft ground at low speed provides better traction and less compaction. Higher yields, less compaction, better fuel economy, less wear and tear on tires and equipment, and less time in the field!


Video: Quickly Change Tire Pressure with Precision Inflation's On-The-Go Inflation System


HCC, Inc.

Booth: 4007 in North Wing

Phone: (815) 539-9371

HCC's SMART-TILL® is a soil management tool used to enhance no-till/minimum-till field practices. It is used in a variety of fields to improve soil, manure, and pasture and hay management. SMART-TILL®'s self-sharpening three-tine helical design fractures soil more than 8" deep and creates a more extensive fracture force line both laterally and vertically. This creates improved air and water exchange, which offers many benefits for different applications. And only SMART-TILL® is available with optional rotary harrows, which help smooth, level, and loosen soil and prepare seed beds. Plus, users can adjust the harrow angle for versatility.

Video: Smart-Till Vertical Tillage Tool Gets Trunnion Bearing Upgrade to Largest in Industry


REM Enterprises, Inc.

Booth: 5046 in West Wing

Phone: (800) 667-7420

While the REM GrainVac design keeps dust safely away from the operator at the intake and the discharge dust is minimal, the dust exhausted in-between depends on the condition of the grain, and can appear quite extreme. The cyclone-style Dust Collector enables the operator to easily and efficiently collect or redirect debris. And just like the VRX machine, this design has endured extreme testing to meet the standards of REM GrainVac users.


Hawkins Mfg., Inc.

Booth: 501, 502 in West Wing

Phone: (308) 995-4446

Hawkins Manufacturing Inc. is, once again, pleased to be exhibiting at the National Farm Machinery Show. Hawkins will feature 4 key products at the 2014 show, including the Hawkins Down Corn Reel, the Hawkins Planter ”N” Forcer, the Hawkins Coulter “N” Forcer, and the Hawkins Front Truss Toolbar. You’ll find the Hawkins exhibit located in the West Wing lots 501-502. Hawkins will provide continually running video of each our products field performance throughout the day. We look forward to visiting with dedicated growers from across the nation. We’ll happily provide a hardy Midwestern greeting, answers to your product questions, and a Mini-CD of our 2014 Hawkins product catalog.

Video: Hawkins Manufacturing Features 4 Key Products at National Farm Machinery Show


Nutra-Flo Company

Booth: 417E,F,G,H in North Wing

Phone: (800) 831-4815

A properly crafted fertility program leads to the success of your crop today, tomorrow, and in the future. Including PureGrade® Liquid Fertilizer in your program will warrant your crop has the nutrients to reach its full potential. PureGrade has many features including low-salt index, chloride-free, near neutral pH, non-corrosive, 100% water soluble and low rates per acre. Not only is PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer a starter, but it is also a foliar fertilizer to correct nutrient deficiencies and revitalize stressed plants.

PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer is a product of Nutra-Flo® Company, the leading supplier of mixed liquid phosphate fertilizers in the Midwest.

Video: PureGrade Starter & Liquid Fertilizers Offer High Ortho Level


Worthington Ag Parts - Capello

Booth: 3035 in South Wing C

Phone: 1-855-Capello

CAPELLO HEADERS by Worthington Ag Parts

Designed for producers who expect more. Expect more grain in your bins. Expect a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Expect features that can save time, money and fuel. Expect row size options for red, green and yellow operations.

By combining Italian craftsmanship with American grit, Capello HEADERS are available to resellers in the United States only through Worthington Ag Parts. From corn headers, to forage headers to sunflower headers, Capello engineers have been building world class equipment since 1965. So when it’s time to invest in a new harvesting header, expect more - expect Capello!

Video: Worthington Ag Parts Shows Multiple Products


Yetter Mfg. Co.

Booth: 8020 in Pavilion

Phone: (800) 447-5777

Yetter Adds Hydraulic Compressor to Air Adjust System Series

For today’s growers, the ability to make on-the-go adjustments to planting equipment leads

to more acres planted per day. It can also help growers make adjustments that may not have been made otherwise. The 2940 Air Adjust series of products from Yetter, including the 2940 Residue Manager, Coulter/Residue Manager Combo, Firming Wheel, Rolling Basket, and the Floating Residue Manager Basket Combo, allows farmers to do just that.

Integral to the Air Adjust system is the air source. Yetter customers now have three compressor options from which to choose: Hydraulic or Electric Compressors from Yetter, or your existing hydraulic compressor. The Pneumatic Hydraulic Control Kit from Yetter is used with the Yetter Hydraulic Compressor or your existing hydraulic compressor. All compressor options connect with the easy-to-read in-cab controller so growers can adjust up and down pressure



HARDI North America, Inc.

Booth: 3043 in South Wing C

Phone: (563) 386-1730

PRESIDIO delivers class leading field performance and floatation. The 700 gallon main tank and 70 gallon flush tank are integrated into the chassis, providing a low center of gravity and excellent weight distribution. EAGLE booms from 75 to 90 feet produce high work rates and make spraying fast and efficient. 4WD, 3-speed hydrostatic transmission with cruise control is standard and is powered by Deutz 6 cylinder 173.5 HP engine. Built for demanding service PRESIDIO optimizes design strength and weight distribution. Air-bag suspension provides superb comfort & ride and offers excellent crop clearance. HARDI fluid system from tank to nozzle delivers precision application to the target every time. It is ideally suited to row-crop and smaller cereal farming applications.

Video: Product Enhancements Made to the Presidio Line of Sprayers from Hardi



Booth: 904 in South Wing B

Phone: (800) 247-3808

Outback MAX™ Guidance System improves machine to cloud connectivity by synchronizing client, farm, field, boundaries, field markers, guidance lines and product data directly between the terminal and AgJunction Cloud Services. In addition to wireless connectivity, in-cab data management, and an easy-to-navigate control interface, this year's Outback MAX integrated display terminal adds ISOBUS virtual terminal capability for common implement ECUs, enabling a broader range of implement communication and control for compatibility with different brands of implements.

Video: New Features of the Outback MAX Guidance System from AgJunction


Brillion Farm Equipment

Booth: 1028 in South Wing & 5013 in West Wing

Phone: (855) 320-0373

Designed and built from input received from customers and producers that desired a simple, reliable, and efficient over seeder, the Brillion Till ‘N Seed® can operate under a wide variety of conditions and accurately plant a multitude of seed varieties and seed mixtures. The Till ‘N Seed, featuring patented technology, utilizes ground driven tillage and seed placement rotors that are self-cleaning to allow for operation in high residue conditions. These unique features make the Till ‘N Seed the ideal tool for seeding into existing turf, renovating pastures, restoring athletic fields and lawns and planting food plots.

Video: Brillion Farm Equipment Showcases Wing Float Pulverizer