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Osmundson Samurai© Edge

The difference is versatility©. The Samurai© edge works on high-speed vertical tillage because it uniquely sizes residue back into the soil. Its patented design also stays sharp longer and positively turns with the tractor, which reduces down time and decreases fuel consumption. Size residue faster and easier than ever before with the patented Samurai© edge. The same Osmundson strength, power and quality our customers expect out of our blades can now be harnessed into the most versatile product on the market. Can be used in both plain- and notched-blade applications, is available in diameters up to 26 inches and can be used in all concavities. 

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Turbo-Max® From Great Plains Mfg.

Great Plains Mfg. designed its innovative Turbo-Max® to provide all the advantages of true vertical tillage in a single piece of equipment. Turbo-Max models, offered in widths from 12 to 40 feet, feature two coulter gangs with 7 1/2-inch spacing between each blade. The rear gangs offset the front gangs, splitting the blade spacing to 3 3/4 inches, allowing for improved sizing of residue in one pass. Gang angles adjust hydraulically from 0 to 6 degrees, offering greater flexibility to match field conditions. Angled gangs bury more residue in the fall, while straight gangs create a level, vertically tilled seedbed that is perfect for spring planting.

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McFarlane 4100 Series Reel Disk

The new McFarlane 4100 series Reel Disk is a true vertical-tillage machine designed to create a superior seedbed without creating yield-robbing horizontal density layers. Ultra-shallow, 6-millimeter concave disc blades with easy adjust or optional hydraulic adjust will loosen the top 2 to 3 inches of soil and slice residue. The new Dura Reel, with flow-through technology and featuring heavy-duty hub and spindle for improved longevity, sizes and mixes the residue. The heavy-duty spike harrow and rolling basket leaves a firm, level seedbed, ensuring accurate seed depth that results in even emergence and better yields. The Reel Disk is available in widths from 12 feet, 3 inches to 45 feet, 8 inches and is designed to operate at speeds of 6 to 9 mph.

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AGCO Sunflower Vertical Tillage Tools

The new Sunflower model 6650-48 provides farmers with a class-leading, true working width of 47 feet, 11 inches. It boosts productivity by harnessing the potential of high-horsepower tractors with the ability to cover more than 38 acres an hour. The 6650 features Sunflower Saber Blades™, combined with a proven staggered offset gang design in a large-width, five-section, 6x6-inch frame, all while folding to transport dimensions of 18 feet, 2 inches wide and 13 feet, 11 inches high. The blade design and 18-degree offset gang angle provide optimum performance in cutting and sizing crop residue and offer consistent emergence and healthy crop stands.

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Mandako Twister

The Mandako Twister is #1 when it comes to versatility in vertical tillage. With the ability to hydraulically adjust the coulter angle from the tractor cab, you choose the finish you want in your field. Run the coulters straight for minimum tillage that slices residue and fractures the soil below the blades in preparation for planting. This leaves the residue on top to protect the soil from erosion. "Twist" the blades to run at full angle and you have a tool that will incorporate heavy residue, fertilizer and chemical. At 700 pounds per foot, the Twister has the weight to keep the coulters in the ground.

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Landoll 7400 Series VT Plus

The benefits of vertical tillage and the need for large-acreage productivity have seamlessly come together in three new 7400 Series 5-section Vertical Tillage Plus machines from Landoll. Available in working widths from 39 feet, 9 inches to 49 feet, 9 inches, the 5-section VT Plus can cover up to an impressive 42 acres per hour, while sizing and anchoring residue and mixing a shallow layer of soil — all at speeds up to 8 1/2 mph. When coupled with previous VT Plus models, the Landoll 7400 Series line of vertical-tillage machines becomes the largest in the industry.

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EarthMaster 3000 From Alamo Group

  • The EarthMaster 3000 uses SoilRazor™ disc blades with a saw-tooth profile that gets sharper with use, extending the useful blade life over more acres.
  • Its durable, rolling-basket design provides a final touch for a smooth finish, reducing extra trips across the field for chemical application or spring planting.
  • The EarthMaster 3000 has additional spiders and a thicker wall design in the support tube. For added durability, the tool has a more robust scraper and longer scraper tubes to cover gang junctions in the wing-fold area.

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Kuhn Krause Excelerator

Kuhn Krause revolutionized the vertical-tillage segment with the Excelerator. This product delivers high-speed residue cutting and soil mixing that incorporates many tillage techniques in a single pass. With the exclusive Excalibur blades and Star Wheel treaders, this vertical-tillage system does an excellent job of downsizing clods, leveling soil and anchoring residue, while the 24/7 soil conditioning reel finishes the seedbed preparation.

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Curse Buster

Curse Buster presents the ultimate in non-invasive, vertical-tillage technology. The refined Eagle tine, creating fracturing forces to 11 inches in depth, is presented in a two-rank system that produces the fewest number of insertions while producing nearly 50% more effective tillage without disturbing root systems. Combining the original Phillips Harrow with our own unique automated reversing options makes the machine ideal for weeding growing crops, incorporating seed and soil amendments, and creating a compaction-free seedbed while retaining the soil aeration of hay-crop forage capabilities. Watch it working on our YouTube channel. If the goal is regenerated soil, then Curse Buster is your way to get there. Ask for our DVD documentary.

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Yetter Vertical Tillage Attachment (VTA)

Yetter’s Vertical Tillage Attachment (VTA) is a multipurpose solution that can be used in the fall to lightly till soil while sizing and incorporating residue. Spaced on 6-inch centers, the VTA coulter blades can be matched to achieve the desired amount of tillage and residue sizing. In the spring, it offers a practical way to dry out and warm wet soils, energizing the seedbed for maximum growth and yield potential. The VTA mounts with a universal bracket to chisel plows, soil finishers and field cultivators, and it incorporates with most tillage shanks. It can be operated at 6 to 10 mph.

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