Dawn Equipment's Modular Closing SystemModularity is the essence, and advantage, of the next generation closing system from Dawn Equipment Company.

The M-Series Closing System showcases a number of innovative, and readily adaptable components designed to facilitate ease of use in multiple field conditions.
The most exciting aspect of the Dawn M-Series Closing System is the ability to quickly change from the Curvetine-M wheel to a heavy-duty,
steel-rimmed rubber wheel.

In just a few seconds, you can quickly switch from one style of wheel to another. Fasteners for the wheel are pressed-in to make switching wheels a snap. Whether you need more firming, or more tillage, the M-Series hub provides a reliable platform for a variety of wheels, to accommodate changes in soil, and tillage practices.
The hub of the M-Series Closer is drop-forged. As with the original Curvetine Closing Wheel, and Dawn Trashwheel Row Cleaners, the M-Series hub rolls on American made Timken tapered roller bearings. The hub is regreasable (no disassembly required) using our ruggedized aluminum, o-ring sealed Supercap.

The M-Series hub greatly reduces down time and part replacement due to its quality construction, and bolts directly onto most OEM v-style tailpieces with minimal installation time.
The Curvetine-M Wheel itself is now drop-forged. Its extreme durability allows Dawn to offer a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking on the Curvetine Closing Wheel. The Curvetine chips-in the sidewall, promotes seed-to-soil contact, and uniform emergence without the need for firmers or drag-chains. All components of the M-Series Closing System are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.