Editor's note: Steve Groff's farm was featured in an IMAX film about the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Read Steve's note below and follow the links to see the video, or click here.

— The Editors

"Most of you know that we had a film crew here last fall which spent 2 days filming a promo for an IMAX film scheduled for release September 2012. The film, 'Expedition Chesapeake,' is by the producers of 'Fireproof' and 'Facing the Giants,' two great family movies that are some of our favorites!

"We considered it quite a privilege and honor to work with these folks and it certainly was a fun experience. They plan to be back later this year to do the actual IMAX production.
"Expedition Chesapeake focuses on several families in the Chesapeake Bay watershed who are either influenced by the Bay or are influencing the Bay from an environmental perspective. The Groff family farm in Holtwood, PA, was chosen to represent the conservation methods extensively used there - namely no tillage and cover crops.
"Turn your sound up and watch!"
You can also watch this “Behind the Scenes” video that Dana edited.