Karlstad, Minn. – Jan. 25, 2024 – Mattracks' newest products are narrow tracks for row crops. The company says the new tracks are the narrowest tracks in the industry – starting at 9.6 inches and ranging up to 12 inches wide. Specifically designed for row crops, the newly released narrow tracks can reduce compaction by up to 40%, as compared to tires, according to Mattracks.

“For row crop farmers, soil compaction is the no. 1 concern,” says Dan Laux, vice president of operations for Mattracks. “Tires compact the soil in between rows which can significantly reduce the effectiveness of fertilizers and chemicals. Our new narrow track models have significantly higher ground contact area as compared to tires of the same width, thus minimizing compaction and ultimately producing higher yields.”

Mattrack’s narrow row crop track options include the 9.6-inch Track-tor-Assist (TA) 9000-LM-1010 as well as 12-inch narrow track options. The company recently fulfilled custom orders of its TA 3500 and TA 5000 tracks, replacing the standard 16-inch track with the new 12-inch option. Mattracks’ non-driven Trail-R-Mate (TM) tracks have also been built with 12-inch narrow tracks.

“On top of the obvious ability to traverse through terrain that tires cannot, row crop tracks are extremely valuable in reducing soil compaction,” commented a 6,000 acre farmer in the upper Midwest. “By minimizing fertilizer run-off and chemical waste, we anticipate an increased yield. There’s no doubt in my mind that these tracks will pay for themselves within the next 12 months.”

Mattracks’ track conversion systems feature a rubber torsion anti-torque system and internal rubber torsion rocker suspension. Also unique to Mattracks is a concentric pivot frame designed to reduce track slack variation during suspension travel. The tracks are built with steel frames and an all-terrain, self-cleaning tread style. For more information including all technical specifications, go to mattracks.co/r/narrow-row-crop.

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