Washington, Iowa — Nov. 20, 2023 — No-tiller Mitchell Hora's company, Continuum Ag, is launching the Billion Bushel Challenge, an initiative to raise awareness about the profit opportunities for farmers raising low-carbon corn. 

With an estimated 6 billion bushels of corn being used for ethanol production next year, Continuum Ag has set their sights on helping the industry lower its carbon intensity (CI) score over a billion bushels in 2024.  The Billion Bushel Challenge initiative helps support the Continuum Ag’s mission and vision to help a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health. 

“This is the start of something very big, and we are excited to partner with our fellow farmers to help them see the value in what we already are doing today," said Chad Scebold, Continuum’s VP of Sales and seventh-generation Iowa Heritage farmer. "Now is the time to be rewarded for producing low CI grain. Together, we will help empower their data and control the narrative — visibility and rewards make it worth a grower’s effort to implement sustainable farming practices to their operation.” 

With the incoming Section 45Z tax credits, biofuel manufacturers can earn 2025 tax credits by creating low carbon fuel. Currently, grain is the major influencer of biofuel’s CI score, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. However, grains can be grown in low carbon systems and could ultimately be carbon-intensity negative. The Billion Bushel Challenge drives awareness and participation around low-carbon grain needed for biofuel producing, giving farmers the visibility they need, control of their premiums and the reward they deserve for growing low CI grain.

“Continuum Ag is working to activate and encourage farmers across the nation to better understand what’s going on under their feet and utilizing the power of technology to do so,” Hora says. “I’m incredibly bullish on the carbon intensity concept and can’t wait to see it play out beyond the biofuel market.”

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