Travis Kraft, director of row crops for Locus Agricultural Solutions, and Maja Milovanovic, microbiology manager, recently hosted a digital demonstration to teach no-tillers about biologicals and why they are becoming a must-have addition to no-tillers' toolboxes.

“In the past biologicals were considered just nice to have,” Kraft says, “but now we believe they are a vital input for your operation.”

“The products are easy to use,” Milovanovic says. “We like to say it’s like a twist of the wrist because it’s that simple.”

WATCH: Kraft and Milovanovic outline everything no-tillers need to know about biologicals.

Locus Ag’s Rhizolizer, Rhizolizer Prime and Pantego biologicals are recommended for specific crops as illustrated in the image below.


The products have a 95% success rate, backed by data from third-party trialing in 14 different states and 60-plus locations, Kraft says.

“We perform trials coast to coast, across every soil type and environment to make sure we’re providing a product that works regardless of conditions,” Milovanovic says. “Our experienced agronomy team does an excellent job working with universities to set up trials. They do all the work and provide us with data when the trials are complete.”

The data shows Rhizolizer Duo boosts corn yields by an average of 7 bushels per acre, resulting in a $33 per acre return on investment, and cotton yields by 106 pounds per acre, resulting in a $91 per acre ROI.  

Rhizolizer Prime boosts soybean yields by 3 bushels per acre, resulting in a $33 per acre ROI. Pantego Duo boosts wheat yields by 4 bushels per acre, resulting in a $19 per acre ROI.

“We’re not in the business of cutting fertilizer,” Kraft says. “These products are designed to maximize the plant’s potential. They can be effective regardless of soil type because they’re living in the plant."

“All of our products are fertilizer friendly,” Milovanovic adds. “There are no compatibility issues. They work with and enhance the fertilizers you use. The biologicals are applied directly onto the seed at planting. You’ll see the benefits early on and throughout the growing season."

Farmers using Locus Ag biologicals can also become eligible for premium carbon credits through the company’s CarbonNow program, which accelerates carbon sequestration and guarantees eligible farmers a minimum of $12 per acre. Click here for a digital demonstration on the CarbonNow program.   

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