John Deere announced a series of upgrades and updates Thursday that fall in line with the company's increasing focus on precision ag and autonomy.

See & Spray Premium Performance Sprayer Upgrade Kit


See & Spray Premium targets weeds with non-residual herbicides in corn, cotton, soybeans and fallow fields. Photo: John Deere

The new See & Spray Premium performance upgrade kit for John Deere self-propelled sprayers uses a vision system powered by artificial intelligence that can help farmers gain cost efficiency and combat herbicide resistance with precise application by only spraying the weeds and not the entire field. 

With See & Spray Premium farmers gain access to advanced See & Spray technology that targets weeds with non-residual herbicides in corn, cotton, soybeans and fallow fields. In addition, they can still use their sprayer all season long to make broadcast applications at standard operating speeds. 

“Farmers continue to face rising input costs,” says Jordan Lang, marketing manager for John Deere. “Once a See & Spray Premium performance upgrade kit is installed on their sprayer, farmers can cover more acres than before on a single tank – while using targeted spray – making fewer stops to fill and using less chemical. Only weeds are sprayed, so less chemical is used, making it possible to decrease input costs. When activated, See & Spray generates an as-applied map that shows exactly where product was applied in the field.”

See & Spray Premium is a single-tank system that simplifies tendering for the operator. While See & Spray Premium is not dual-product capable, Deere says it offers many of the same benefits of sprayers equipped with dual-tank capable See & Spray Ultimate technology. 

As the sprayer moves through the field, See & Spray Premium utilizes advanced stability provided by John Deere BoomTrac Pro 2.0. This technology stabilizes the sprayer boom as cameras mounted to the boom capture clear images of the field. Within milliseconds, a machine learning model uses multiple images captured by the cameras to differentiate weed from crop. Once a weed is detected, a command is sent to the John Deere ExactApply nozzle to spray it. In addition, See & Spray Premium can be used to generate a weed pressure map for the field that was sprayed in the John Deere Operations Center. 

Currently, See & Spray Premium is offered for model year 2018 and newer John Deere sprayers in the U.S., and it requires the machine to have a factory-installed ExactApply system or ExactApply Performance Upgrade Kit with 15- or 20-inch spacing and a 120-foot steel boom.

MY24 updates for 7, 8 & 9 Series Tractors 


The StarFire 7000 receiver features 73% faster pull-in times and is 17% more accurate when using SF-RTK when compared to previous models using SF3 signal. Photo: John Deere

John Deere is making MY24 updates for its lineup of 7, 8 and 9 Series tractors to will help prepare them for the future of precision agriculture. Key updates include the new StarFire 7000 integrated GPS position receiver and an all-new G5Plus CommandCenter Display. Both will be included as base equipment. 

“We updated our largest John Deere tractors with new technology to help our customers achieve the highest levels of precision-ag efficiency and ease-of-use today, while ensuring their tractors are prepared to work autonomously in coming years,” said Ryan Jardon, marketing manager for John Deere.    

The StarFire 7000 Receiver features 5 years of repeatability and 73% faster pull-in times, and it is 17% more accurate when using SF-RTK when compared to previous models using SF3 signal. In addition, signal stability and reliability were improved and provide the highest level of guidance and accuracy ever offered by John Deere. SF-RTK gives farmers year-over-year repeatability without the need for base stations. The StarFire 7000 receiver is also being offered as an aftermarket option. 

New G5 Universal Displays


G5Plus CommandCenter Display. Photo: John Deere

Inside the cab of the 7, 8 & 9 Series tractors, farmers will find the all-new G5Plus CommandCenter Display (and optional G5Plus Extended Monitor) features a larger screen, increased processing power and faster file transfer times compared to previous displays. Compared to previous John Deere displays, the G5 Universal displays provide a 35% larger viewing area, three times faster processing speed and a high-definition screen. The G5 Universal displays come in two configurations – G5 with a 10.1-inch display and G5Plus with a 12.8-inch display. This display is also being offered as an aftermarket option.

AutoTrac guidance and Section Control are now included in base equipment. With the G5 Advanced package, farmers can take their in-field productivity and performance to the next level with automation features that include AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, AutoPath™, Machine Sync, and In-field Data Sharing. Deere says the G5 Advanced software license provides these capabilities with a lower up-front cost.

“Farmers can add the optional G5 Advanced package to take advantage of John Deere applications that include AutoTrac Turn Automation, AutoPath, AutoTrac Implement Guidance, Machine Sync and In-Field Data Sharing,” says Jardon. “The G5 Advanced software license provides these valuable capabilities while providing lower up-front cost, gets better over time, and you only pay for what your farm needs. These applications help farmers cover more acres per day with less time and stress. The G5 Advanced package is available as a 1- or 3-year option from the factory. With G5Plus farmers can be confident in knowing they’re using the latest, most advanced features each year.”

Factory-Installed Ethernet, Other Updates

Another feature John Deere is making available is a factory-installed implement ethernet. This new connection enables future high-bandwidth communication between tractors and implements. John Deere is also offering an Autonomy Prep package for 8 and 9 Series Tractors that ensures these machines have the known components needed to operate autonomously in the future.

“This includes the right transmission and visibility package, implement ethernet, a 330-amp alternator and other additional hardware,” Jardon says. “More components will likely be needed, but the Autonomy Prep package outfits these tractors with important known autonomy components to reduce what may be needed in the future when autonomy becomes more widely available.” 

A new right-hand cornerpost display was added inside the cab of all 7, 8 and 9 Series Tractors. The easy-to-read display features digital readouts and an illustration area to help ensure these tractors can take advantage of advanced features as they become available. A factory-installed rear-window tint is also available for John Deere CommandView 4 cabs to help keep operators comfortable while providing better visibility to display screens on the brightest of days.

Other updates include the addition of 20 horsepower for all 9RT two-track tractors. Farmers can now choose from the 9RT 490, 9RT 540 or 9RT 590.

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