The University of Nebraska has released an in-depth examination of winter wheat performance in Nebraska.

The 2022 Fall Seed Guide examines several trials of winter wheat throughout Nebraska, with details about recorded precipitation, hybrid varieties, herbicide and pesticide replacements, and other information.

Most of the information is taken from harvests conducted in the spring and summer, according to a summary in the guide.

"The average winter wheat yield of Nebraska for all wheat harvested during the summer of 2022 was projected to be 37 bushels per acre (bu/ac)," the summary reads. "Yields were down this year due to drought, frequent hail, and late season freezes. Winter wheat yields and production from the previous 10 years are reported below."

Genetic diversity is key to success, according to the guide's authors.

"Complementary varieties are important when selecting additional varieties to grow," the authors write. "One definition of complementary varieties is that they come from diverse parentages."

Past editions of the seed guide are available online.

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