The meter is the heart of your planter. So if you think about every seed that gets placed in the furrow, it starts at your meter. An uncalibrated meter will cost you yield and money, reducing your profitability.

It’s important that your meter is running at a high level of accuracy. To start, you can take your meters to a Precision Planting Premier Dealer and have them tested on a MeterMax® Ultra test stand. The Premier Dealer can run your meters and tell you if you have any worn components that need to be replaced and they can set your meters so they give you the best level of accuracy once you go to the field. Take your meters to a Precision Planting dealer so that when you go to the field you know that your meters are getting you the best results possible.

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No matter the type of meter or brand of planter that you have on your farm, it can benefit from being calibrated. Calibrated meters improve singulation and spacing of your crop, which leads to improved yields and seed savings.

A Premier Precision Planting Dealer is your partner to help you achieve a picket fence stand this spring and steer clear of the regret that comes from avoidable yield loss caused by lack of maintenance. Find your local Precision Planting Premier Dealer at

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Download the free Planter Maintenance Guide. Included in this guide are a 1-sheet checklist, links directing you to the corresponding videos, and an overview of 15 key maintenance areas on your planter.

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