Precision Planting announced the formation of Radicle Agronomics, a new generation of powerful tools for professional agronomics which enable them to discard manual and error-prone processes and, instead, focus their time on agronomics issues their farmer customers are facing. 

Radicle Agronomics

Radicle Agronomics

"Soil nutrient management is a pressing challenge in modern agriculture, presenting farmer profitability and environmental stewardship," said Dale Koch, product manager, Precision Planting. "We created Radicle Agronomics to transform soil nutrient management with precise tools and reliable agronomic data so that agronomists are better equipped to guide farmers to superior outcomes."

Radicle Lab, the cornerstone of this new suite of tools, is the world's first fully automated soil laboratory. Its small footprint, self-calibration technology, and the ability to run hundreds of samples unattended, allow agronomists to simplify their workflow. The revolutionary, patent pending Microflow technology built into Radicle Lab removes all human torches which occur during the traditional laboratory process, giving agronomists the confidence to produce a precision soil analysis in minutes without lifting a finger. 

Radical Lab

Radical Lab

"Radicle Lab is a result of six year of development, dozens of pending patents, and a large team of scientists and engineers all working together," Koch said. "This is an exciting day for our dedicated team as we introduce this simple-to-use, yet precise system."

Agronomists will also find GeoPress in the suite of products, which eliminates the chore of record-keeping and bag-handling in soil sampling. As a partner to Radicle Lab. GeoPress mounts on any field-ready vehicle and automatically blends and stores the soil sample in a geo-referenced, reusable container. These full containers are then returned to Radicle Lab where they are loaded into the system, associated with the field location, and analyzed for soil nutrients. Between the shop and the field, data flows seamlessly between GeoPress and Radicle Lab, eliminating the hassle of hand labeled samples. 

Geo Press


To complete the suite, a cloud-based software package connects all steps of the field-to-lab process so agronomists can deliver superior nutrient management recommendations to their clients. 

"In the same way that Precision Planting has transformed the planting process over the past three decades, we are confident that Radicle Agronomics will play a transformative role in the way agronomists and farmers manage their crop nutrient needs for the decades to come," said Bryce Baker, marketing manager, Precision Planting. 

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