Komet Irrigation's Precision Twister (KPT) PC-180 is a part-circle sprinkler for center pivot irrigation systems and the first to combine dry wheel track solutions with consistent droplet size and uniform water application throughout the wetted area.

As an adaptation of Komet’s original KPT sprinkler design, the KPT PC-180 features a unique sprinkler and deflector groove configuration that effectively directs water off the pivot structure without compromising irrigation.

The KPT PC-180 is built for installation on rigid drops around the towers and has standard angle and multi-jet trajectory for controlling droplet size consistency in a 180-degree wetted pattern across the entire throw and nozzle range.

The part-circle sprinkler also pairs gentle water application and low instantaneous application with the proper overlap of individual sprinkler patterns. This enables efficient infiltration of water to the root zone while reducing wind drift and minimizing the risk of run-off or soil sealing.

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