Make sure to check the parallel arm linkage on your planter. The parallel arm linkage makes sure that your row-unit is riding smoothly through the field. If there’s wear in these components, you’ll see that you have an inconsistent depth. This will lead to inconsistent emergence. It will affect spacing due to chatter in the row-unit as the planter travels through the field. The components we’re focusing on here are the upper and lower parallel arms and all of the parts that attach it to the row-unit.

To check if these components are worn you want to first move to the back of the row-unit. You’ll need to move the row-unit vertically, checking for vertical movement and you’ll want to move the row-unit horizontally, checking for horizontal movement. If you’re not sure if these components have too much wear on them you’ll need to replace the components on one row and compare that new row to the components on the old row. See what the difference in movement is between the two rows.

checking parallel arm linkage for movement

When you’re replacing components you can use new components from your OEM or you can use aftermarket solutions. There are some available from SI Distributing which have different kits for the parallel arms. Highland Machining has a kit where they insert a new hardened bushing with the replaceable bushing. Harvest International also has complete parallel arms sets. There are many different options available for you when you’re doing parallel arm maintenance on your planter.

Watch this video about parallel arm linkage.

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