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“[My brothers and I] left the farm…and we wanted to be connected to agriculture, but we knew that for small-scale farmers at that time, especially the way we were doing it, it was almost impossible to make a living doing it. So we found another avenue to help. And it was always an interesting time for us three boys to go home and talk to my dad about conservation and working the farm because we would make him so mad…” – Terry Cosby, Chief, NRCS

Recently appointed as the chief of the NRCS, Terry Cosby is drawing on his multi-decade career in the agency to promote the conservation programs and services that are available to U.S. farmers.

In addition, having grown up on a small Mississippi cotton farm, Cosby is well-acquainted with the realities of farm life and the challenges of adopting new practices.

For this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, we caught up with Cosby by phone to hear about how his childhood experience on the farm shaped his views on conservation, his goals for the agency during his tenure, his thoughts on the Biden Administration’s plan to have 30% of U.S. lands and waters under conservation by the year 2030, and much more.







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