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“You can't grow the next level of healthy food using our tried and true conventional practices of the past…” – Steve Groff, no-tiller and author of "The Future-Proof Farm."

Holtwood, Pennsylvania no-tiller Steve Groff is among the world’s leaders on adapting no-till for vegetable production. A cover crop enthusiast, Groff has helped thousands of growers improve the health of their soils through field days, presentations and webinars, and his Cover Crop Coaching business.

Having successfully no-tilled tomatoes, corn, pumpkins, alfalfa, soybeans, wheat and cover crops for nearly four decades, Groff is known for the introduction of the tillage radish as a cover crop and has demonstrated its ability to scavenge nutrients, reduce weed pressure, trim compaction and boost soil quality. He recently tackled the hemp industry and in summer of 2020 released a book titled “The Future-Proof Farm.”

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast series, Groff joins us to talk about about his book, which explores the market changes facing today’s farmers and how cover crops can help them stay resilient and relevant. Tune in to hear Groff’s thoughts on how soil health practices can lead to growing healthier food, why he cares about how his management practices affect people downstream, how cover crops have helped him reduce inputs, the importance of lifelong learning and much more.







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