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Re-Live the Best of the Best 2022 National No-Tillage Conference Presentations!

Since 1993, the National No-Tillage Conference has been providing farmers with practical tips and ideas to run a more successful no-till operation. The 2022 National No-Tillage Conference took place at Louisville's Galt House Hotel from January 4-7, and welcomed no-till experts from around the world for 4 days of idea sharing and networking.


Now, you can review the best-of-the-best presentations from this blockbuster 30th anniversary with a National No-Tillage Conference Video Review All-Access Pass.


Purchase an All-Access Pass now for just $299 to receive instant online access to on-demand video replays of each of the conference's 13 headlining General Sessions and 22 No-Till Classrooms. Continue watching these sessions for 12 months!



From cover crops to nutrient efficiency to pest management, and more, the 13 General Sessions featured below are sure to deliver an abundance of practical, proven no-till strategies that you can implement into your operation today. 


Learn from These No-Till Leaders:

John, Alex and Jeffrey Young

No-Tillers, Herndon, Ky.


The Future of No-Tilling – Business and Profit

Experts and Innovators:

No-Till’s Best Share Their Failures and Success

Rick Clark

No-Tiller, Williamsport, Ind.


If it’s Not Wacky Enough, it May Not Work!

Barry Fisher

Fisher Soil Health Services


Harry Young Jr. Memorial Lecture Series:  Building a Soil Health Management Plan on Sound Principles

Dwayne Beck

Dakota Lakes Research Farm, Pierre, S.D.


‘Healing the Patient’ with dynamic No-Till Systems

Loran Steinlage,

No-Tiller, West Union, Iowa


Jimmy Emmons

No-Tiller, Leedey, Okla.


Fire, Floods, Family and No-Till Success

Thomas Dykstra

Entomologist, Gainesville, Fla.


Using Insects as Indicators for Plant Health

Jay Baxter

No-Tiller, Georgetown, Del.


Cover Crops Aren’t Just for Fall Anymore

Marion Calmer

No-Tiller, Alpha, Ill.


Symptoms and Solutions for Vertical Nutrient Stratification 

Ray McCormick

No-Tiller, Vincennes, Ind.


Creative Ways to Get Cover Crops in on Time

Michelle Miller

“Farm Babe”, Gainesville, Fla.


Unboxing the Future, Getting Beyond the Labels

James Johnson

Vice President, Carzalia Valley Produce


Turning to Regenerative Practices to Raise Profitable Crops


14th Annual Responsible Nutrient Management Practitioners Induction





22 Bonus No-Till Classrooms Included with an All-Access Pass:

  • Grazing Cover Crops for Healthy Soil and Profits
  • The Relationship Between Earthworms and Residue Management
  • Using a Trifecta of Tools to Improve Soil and Water Quality
  • Embracing Adaptation and Understanding Your No-Till Potential
  • Turning a Maverick Practice into a Business
  • Boosting Your Farm's Resilience with Soil Health Practices
  • Insect/Plant Interactions Between 6 and 14 Leaf Brix
  • Making a No-Till Cover Crop System a Profitable Venture
  • Overcoming Challenges of Organic No-Till Systems
  • Developing a Systems Approach to Soil Health
  • Cover Crops 101: How to Get Started with Cover Crops
  • Boosting No-Till 'Diversity' with Rotational Crops
  • Can You Grow Soil Heath Without Cattle?
  • Tips for No-Tilling Double-Crop Soybeans Profitability
  • Making Sense of Carbon Markets: How Science and Technology are Driving Farmer Profitability
  • Tips and Teachable Moments from the Early Days of No-Tilling
  • Trial Data and Tips That Show How No-Till Tobacco and Transplanted Crops Can Work
  • Turning New Farming Technologies into a No-Till Asset
  • Adding Wheat and Cover Crops for No-Till Success
  • No One Succeeds Alone: How Farmer-Led Groups Benefit Everyone
  • Driving Yield Through Tire Technology
  • Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck with Spoon-Feeding Nitrogen
  • How to Integrate a Solar Farm on Your No-Till Operation